Alabama Information Guide

Located between Tennessee and Georgia, Alabama is the thirteenth largest state in the United States.  It stretches more than 52,423 square miles with more than three percent of it being water.  The southern part of the state is slightly warmer than the northern part.  Alabama's summers are generally very hot with temperatures averaging over 90 degrees fahrenheit. The winters are mild with little to no chance of snow; light snow may hit the northern tip of Alabama once every couple of years.  Alabama has 67 counties with five major interstate roads that cross it.  Visit our yellowpages for more details.

Alabama has fourteen universities, several two-year community colleges, and seventeen private universities. Troy University is the largest school in Alabama with twenty-nine thousand students.  Calhoun Community College is the second largest two-year community college with a little over nine thousand students.

Each year Alabama holds the seventh largest Shakespeare festival in the world.  The Alabama Shakespeare Festival attracts more than 300,000 visitors throughout the United States.

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