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Known as "The Last Frontier," Alaska is the largest state in the United States. In 1959, Alaska was declared the 49th state with much of its remains untouched, and untamed. It is also famous for its winters, which brings 24 hour darkness to areas north of the Arctic Circle. During the 24 hour darkness the rest of Alaska receives pale sunlight for a couple of hours each day.  The summer time, late May through June, is the best time for tourists to visit Alaska. With its long days and warm afternoons, tourists tend to find themselves at the Denali National Park.

Alaska has an estimated population of 686,293, and has the least populated areas in the world. The cost of living in Alaska is ranked as one of the highest of the bordering 48 states. Most of the food in Alaska is shipped into the state from other states; shipping costs can be very expensive. Many alaskans take advantage of the warehouse clubs such as Sams and Costco when it comes to purchasing food; free shipping offers are heavily embraced.

Unlike the rest of the United States, road transport covers a small area of Alaska. Transportation usually consists of air, river, sea, and even dog sledding. Alaska has a well-developed ferry system that is owned by the state. It also has a major airline, Alaska Airlines that offers flights within the state. Our yellow pages can provide you with more information on travel guides.

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