How To Protect Your Business From a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

How to Protect Your Business from a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Monday August, 21 in Legal by Veselina Dzhingarova

Aside from the financial cost of defending a sexual harassment lawsuit, it is time-consuming, stressful, and damaging to morale, even when the claim has no merit.

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New Feature of Google Adwords Gives New Opportunities To Businesses

New Feature of Google AdWords Gives New Opportunities to Businesses

Monday August, 14 in Internet by Chitraparna Sinha

Google AdWords has unveiled a new feature called 'View Through Conversions' that's targeted towards generating detailed data for business conversions.

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Sd-WAN Technology Trends, Future Growth, and Business Adoption

SD-WAN Technology Trends, Future Growth, and Business Adoption

Friday August, 11 in Technology by Chitraparna Sinha

SD-WAN is a software specific application technology applied to WAN connections over enterprise networks spread over large geographic distances. It is a transformational approach which simplifies branch office networking.

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Things To Do If You'Re Relocating For Work

Things To Do If You’re Relocating for Work

Thursday August, 10 in Business by Megan Totka

Not sure what to do first or how to get everything done? Take a look at these things you should do before you move to make it as hassle-free as possible.

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5 Ways To Protect the Intellectual Property of Your Business

5 Ways to Protect the Intellectual Property of Your Business

Wednesday August, 09 in Legal by Dylan Moran

The core businesses of companies, be it recipes, software, clothing designs, or art, should always be protected under the law.

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