4 Ways to Make Your Office Healthier


We often think about how to make our homes more pleasant to spend time in, but fail to give much thought to the office environment. That’s kind of strange because we spend just as much, if not more, time in the office working than at home.

Here are four ways to make your office healthier to spend time in.

Sit Less and Take Regular Walking Breaks

The health risks from sitting too long in the same position are becoming better known with medical studies looking into the issue. To help with health and productivity it is a good idea to take regular breaks away from the computer, stand up, walk around and get the blood flowing.

For anyone who feels like they will lose productive time, it’s important to remember that you’ll likely slow down continually when you go too long without a break. You’ll also make more mistakes that either come back to haunt you later or take longer to correct. Ensure you take regular short breaks to stay fresh and keep yourself in better health. There are a number of health apps like Move which track your steps for you and how active you are every day.

Music Anyone?

Depending on the type of work produced, being able to listen to music while you’re working helps to relax the body and keep the mind focused. The best types of tunes are usually background music like movie soundtracks and nature sounds which don’t include lyrics to distract from what you’re focusing on. However, some people will prefer more uplifting tunes to maintain their drive and focus.

Given that music is a personal thing, it’s okay to let employees listen to their own track selection. The reduced distraction of chatter in the office is likely to improve productivity too and many employees will be happier, so it’s a win-win for the company.

Plants for the Office

Adding a few green leafed plants around the office has been shown, with research, to encourage greater productivity and increased happiness. Certainly, some plants positioned here and there make the office feel less stale or like a cubicle environment and more like a space to be lived in (during the weekday daytimes at least). It’s the next best thing to working with your laptop on the beach (which is overrated anyway as heat and sand shut down the laptop pretty fast that way). Bring the garden to the office with a little plant life to brighten things up.

Clean the Air

It can get extremely stuffy in a busy office filled with hard-working employees. Sadly, allergies that come out of working in an office environment are becoming increasingly common. Whether it’s the paint on the walls, the chemicals the carpet is cleaned with, or the bright lighting, seemingly anything can set off an allergic reaction in sensitive people.

An air purifier removes fine particles from the air that would otherwise be breathed in. A HEPA filter is common to see in modern air purifiers and is highly effective at extracting airborne pollutants.

It’s not difficult to make the office a healthier place to go to work. Most of it is common sense, but the use of modern technology also helps to improve the workplace environment too.

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