5 Things Your Professional Workspace Needs to Keep Employees Happier


Congratulations on building a company that is so successful that additional support staff are needed for your continued growth. Before you can go on a hiring spree, it must be ensured that your workers will have the space and tools that they need for staying productive and content. So, while you prepare to order new office furnishings, setup air filters, and have high traffic carpeting installed, go over these five important features that every professional workspace needs before introducing staff.

1. Water Filtration System

Having a plumbing system that brings in tap water is not enough if you expect your employees to stay put the majority of the day. As your work crew requires hydration during their shifts, you can forget all about keeping the coffee going and offer filtered water instead. Your employees may want to have spill-proof water bottles on hand at their desk so that they can prevent their mouths from becoming dry while on the phone, and while they toil away at their computers.

2. Wi-Fi Internet Access

Even with computers that access to the internet, your staff will want to know if they can piggyback off of your Wi-Fi internet as well. They may have tablets they want to bring in to work on while they walk around the office, or use the office Wi-Fi hotspots to listen to music on their breaks. Although some employers have strict rules about using the internet for work purposes only, it’s worth hearing exactly why your staff would prefer to have Wi-Fi access available to them.

3. Air Purifiers

If you want your staff to enjoy working for your company and refer other professionals that they know to come in for interviews, you have to be accommodating to all of their needs. This includes dealing with employees who have severe allergies, asthma and respiratory ailments. While handing out rescue inhalers is out of the question, you can have an air filtration system installed that will keep the air in your professional workspace clean and free of allergens.

4. Electrical Outlets

Your electrician may have convinced you have outlets installed in between every two or three workstations and then use extension cords and power strips to plug in all your work computers, but your staff may be dismayed. It is likely that your employees are going to want to have access to electrical outlets so that they can keep their electronic devices charged at all times, and they’re not going to want to walk around the office to find them. Make a service call to have your electrician install at least one outlet for each workstation, and best believe that your workers will be more productive as a result.

5. Peace and Quiet

Nobody wants to have to shout in order to be heard, nor do they want to be surrounded by noise as they try to concentrate and focus. You may need to think about how you can enforce a quiet working environment for the good of your company overall by having white noise machines running, or giving your workers noise canceling headsets. Another solution could be to spread your workstations out so that fewer workers occupy each room.

Employees are always going to have complaints, but if their work environments are generally pleasant to work in they won’t take their gripes outside of the break room. Pay attention to the disposition of your workers and make adjustments to your professional office space if you think that it will make them more eager to come into work. These meager investments will help your company to reap rewards when you find your staff becoming more focused and productive.

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