5 Ways To Build A Trustworthy Website


Having a trustworthy site is key if you want to increase lead generation, maximize sales and earn more revenue. Here are a few ways to increase your site’s trust factor by displaying testimonials, using media logos and implementing a consistent branding strategy.

Display Media & Client Logos

Has your website or business been featured on a well known media outlet like CNN, Wired or The Huffington Post? Display an “as seen in” media showcase in order to display the outlets your company has been featured in.

If you have a service based business you’ll want to display current and past client logos. Putting clients on display shows potential customers that you are experienced and have a track record of excellent service. You may also want to include detailed case studies of previous clients with their permission.

Include Customer Testimonials

Studies show that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations while 72% say that positive reviews make them trust a business more. Customer photos can also be used to gain trust. For example, Detox of South Florida offers snippets of testimonials on their homepage accompanied with profile photos of their patients. You can add even more legitimacy by linking to a social media account of the reviewer in question.

You may also want to consider displaying video testimonials. Research shows faces to be one of the most attention-grabbing feature in advertising materials. Display testimonials on a high-traffic page like your homepage for maximum effect.

Use The Right Colors

Studies show that the color blue generates feelings of security and trustworthiness. It’s a recommended color for financial related websites like banks. Keep your industry and niche in mind when choosing colors. For example, if you have a health website you may want to opt for a green color scheme. Avoid orange, brown and gray if your site’s demographic is female as studies have shown women to not like these colors.

In addition to picking the right colors for your site, you’ll also want to make sure that you’re using the same brand colors throughout your site. Have a logo created with your brand colors and display it on your site, social media accounts and all marketing materials.

Color can also be used to emphasize certain words and create urgency. Try to stick with black text on a white background as this is what most visitors are accustomed to plus it’s easy to read.

Have A Clean & Modern Design

Having a clean and modern design is imperative when it comes to building trust. It should look up-to-date, follow modern design trends and not look outdated. It’s easier than ever to have a modern and clean website design thanks to the proliferation of Wordpress themes available.

Show Subscriber Counts

Have an impressive number of email subscribers or followers on Twitter? Just mentioning that fact can increase your subscriber conversion rate. People like to read what their peers are reading and are likely to assume that your content is impressive if you have an established fan base.

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