5 Ways to Stand Out Among Your Business Competitors


In a time of infinite choices and fierce competition, you need to work to find ways to make your business the one that consumers flock to. It isn’t always easy to figure out ways to make your business shine, but there are some things you can do that will give you the edge over your competitors. Take a look at these 5 ways to make your business stand out.

Own your value.

Don’t be afraid to tell others the things about your business that makes you easier to work with than the competition. For instance, if you run a HVAC business that offers fast worldwide shipping, those are important details you want your audience to know. It’s okay to highlight deficiencies by your competitors. If you offer the best compressors in the industry with the longest warranty on the market, make that known. Use the areas where your competitors fall short to your advantage.

Be a problem solver.

If what you offer isn’t the exact solution to someone’s problem, find a solution for him or her anyway. This will earn loyalty and help shine a new light on your company. Offer insight, knowledge, and suggestions. It’s best to build rapport early to facilitate communication and build a credible reputation, too.

While deflecting sales and giving up money may seem crazy, go ahead and give out the contact information of others businesses that can provide the consumer with a better solution. This builds trust and can bring you lots of business down the road.

Pursue activities outside of your business.

People are attracted to businesses for various reasons, and many people like to know that they support a business that wants to make a difference in people’s lives. Make it a point to humanize you and your services and products. Engage in conversations and be witty and kind. Consider becoming actively involved in your community so people get to know you. Sponsor a little league team or a 5K race to get your name and face out in the community.

Provide excellent customer service 24/7.

It doesn’t matter how great you and your business are and how awesome your products and services may be, if you don’t have excellent customer service, you will fail. Customer service is more important than pricing -- your reputation can be trashed if your delivery ran late, your staff is rude, or the order was fulfilled incorrectly and you didn’t offer a sincere apology. Make sure your customer service is top notch; even one bad experience can cause a quick downward spiral.

Hire nice people.

If you want to execute the above, it’s crucial to hire smart and kind professionals. Make yourself known as a business that has fun professionals who are hardworking and intelligent, but also kind and empathetic. Your staff should be comprised of people who hustle and work hard for the customers.

It’s essential to find ways to differentiate your business from all of the others out there. Differentiation is a competitive advantage not all businesses can master. Make it a point to learn to communicate the ways your business is different and what you do better than the competition.

What actions do you take to make your business stand out from your competition?

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