6 SEO Trends to Watch in 2018


As an online business owner, our reliance on SEO strategies equals our business performance. We are aware that if the SEO plans for any online business isn’t sorted, it is tough to rank on Google and grow the business.

As 2017 closes, I am already in discussion with my team for next year SEO plan. On hindsight, I thought of penning down my perceptions of SEO trends for 2018, for the readers here. What are they?

Let’s begin.

#1 Fight for ‘Featured’ Space

Traditional SEO real estate is about ranking on the first search result page between 1 and 10. However, in the last 2 years, we have seen the rise of Featured Snippets and Featured Videos that consume 1/3rd of the header space in Google search results.

Previously, it was about grabbing the top 3 spots, now it will be about finding placement in the ‘Featured’ because honestly, who would scroll lower than the featured content? You need to put in a strategy to place your website content in the Featured search sections; otherwise, you could be in a big disadvantage.

#2 Mobile Compliance

Mobile compliance is essential for Google ranking. Even though this algorithm change has been functional over the past year, tons of business websites still fail to comply. Non-responsive pages on mobile cause loss of traffic and revenue. 2018 will be THE year to convert all the desktop compliant pages to mobile for maximum business potential.

Not only technologically, your mobile SEO process needs to be sorted as well. It is recommended to hire a reputed digital agency like Primal, which is a leading digital marketing agency based in Thailand. With companies like Puma and Singtel as their client, they generated over a million leads for its clients. They have a customer-first approach with proven growth marketing strategies.

#3 Google My Business

While the online medium truly enables running a global business, we have started to ignore local presence. With Google improving its Near Me search algorithm, you would want people to find and locate your business in real-time. You can do this via the Google My Business page setup and verification. Once it’s verified, your local presence (name, address, contact number) will prominently display when anyone searches about the business through its name directly or through related keywords.

#4 Voice Search

While typing search phrases on a smartphone remains, smartphone users are readily adopting Voice Search. A 2016 research report by Mary Meeker showed a 35% increase of voice search between 2008 and 2016. The report states that 1 out of every 5 American used voice search in 2016, and the voice search algorithm has more than 90% accuracy.

How is this relevant to SEO? The growth in voice search makes it important for online business owners to prepare their website copy as per voice search queries. Before, SEO was textual; now, you have to move towards voice SEO.

#5 Content Analytics

SEO isn’t about building backlinks anymore. It isn’t enough to gather data of visitors coming to your site. You need to setup comprehensive content analysis framework to ascertain the contribution of website copy for the business.

You need heatmaps, user metrics, in-page analytics and more to understand the buyer journey. SEO content will play an even bigger role. Go to your business site and evaluate the present content copy. Does it suffice? If not, hire an experienced copywriter before it is too late.

#6 Backlinks

Backlinks will not be out of vogue ever. The whole Internet ecosystem is based on links between two or more webpages. Backlinks will continue to dominate and focus definitely be on organic links.

Also, if your business is even 6 months old, chances are your site has few hundred inbound links. Hire an SEO auditor to audit the inbound and outbound links and its value - domain authority, page authority, broken links, and more.

Disavow irrelevant links and create a backlink building strategy for the year ahead. According to Mark McDowell, the Managing Director of Primal, qualified backlinks are still and continue to be the highest ranking elements for brands running SEO campaigns as we’ve seen within Asia from our reporting. Outreach will continue to play a growing role as brands educate themselves on quality link building processes.”


SEO is a science-in-action. It’s unpredictable but there is a method even in its unpredictability. Understand how SEO works and no one can stop your online business growth.

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