6 Tools and Technologies for Accountants and Small Business Owners


Having the right tools and technologies can help to improve productivity and efficiency for many professionals, and accountants are no exception. Thanks to recent technological innovations, there are a number of tech-based breakthroughs that can significantly help accountants and small business owners with their jobs.

Here is a list of some of the most important and helpful of these tools and technologies for accountants.

1. Time Clock Apps

Time clock apps are apps that allow employees to clock in and out of their shifts with their mobile devices. All data related to employee work hours is conveniently stored on these apps. This makes it incredibly easy for accountants to review this information for payroll and tax purposes. Not only are employee time tracking apps sophisticated and cutting edge, but they are also highly reliable and extremely accurate. The Ximble app is an excellent example of such an app.

2. Skype

Skype is a video chatting app that allows accountants to communicate instantaneously through a mobile device or a computer with their clients anywhere in the world in a video chat format. This can be extremely helpful for accountants because many accountants have clients located in a number of different areas.

If a client has a question, or if you would simply like to have a meeting with your client, you can set up a Skype call and easily have a video chat discussion with the person. This can help you to be very efficient with your client communications. Also, because Skype has video and not just audio, you can actually look at documents that your client may have, or you can show him or her documents that you may be working on through the app. This can be extremely handy!

3. Slack

Slack is yet another useful app that can be highly beneficial for accountants. Slack is the gold standard for messaging apps for teams. With Slack, accountants can easily stay in communication with all of the members of their team. This can include other accountants, CFOs and CEOs of companies, managers, etc. Anyone who is a key member of an accounting project can be added to a Slack team.

Once the team is set up on the app, all team members can easily communicate with each other. This is true, even if they are on different continents. Team members can even upload and share documents through the app. This can be extremely helpful for accounting professionals who often work with large volumes of documents.

4. Dropbox

Because accountants often have to sift through large amounts of documents, Dropbox can be extremely helpful. Dropbox is an app that allows you to store documents and other types of files on the cloud. This can save you a tremendous amount of storage space on your computer or on your company’s internal server.

With Dropbox, you can store literally thousands of documents and keep them highly organized. If you need to find a particular document, you can just search for the title, and it will quickly appear. Accountants have a greater need for Dropbox than most other business professionals.

5. Genius Scanner

Genius Scanner is a great app that lets you scan documents and upload them all from your phone. This app uses your mobile phone’s camera to scan the documents. Whether you need to scan a 10-99 tax form, or a contract, Genius Scanner can help you. This app can also prevent you from needing to return to your home or office to scan documents if you are out somewhere. You can even sign documents and then scan and send them as proof of your approval in many cases.

6. Tax Software

A good tax software program can be an accountant’s best friend. This is because tax software programs can help to increase speed and efficiency when it comes to handling taxes. Considering the fact that handling tax issues is a big part of many accountant’s job, software that can help with this process can be very beneficial in many circumstances. There are a number of great tax software programs on the market. For example, TurboTax, HR Block Tax, Liberty Tax, and TaxSlayer are all great options when it comes to tax programs.


In order to operate in the most efficient way possible as an accountant or as a small business owner, you need to have the top tools and technologies available to you. The tools and technologies listed in this article can all help you to be a faster, better, and more profitable professional. These apps and other technologies can help you to handle a larger workload and to get more things done with less time. This is critical when your goal is to improve your performance.

So if you are looking for tools that can help you with your accounting job, or to help you save time as a small business owner, then you should consider looking into time clock apps, Skype, Slack, Dropbox, Genius Scanner, and tax software today!

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