7 Do's to Build a Powerful Website


If you take your time and do it right, you can build a website that acts as the best marketing tool you will ever have. Every business wants to generate more revenue, yet nearly half of U.S. small businesses still fail to have a website. As you prepare to build a new website, it’s smart to figure out the reasons why you need a website and what you want to share with your audience to help you get started. Here is a list of 7 do's you need to recognize before you get going:

Set smart goals.

Set goals for your business and ensure they are measurable. Examples of goals a Web designer likes to hear are to improve brand awareness, boost conversion rates, produce more leads, increase sales, and reduce overhead.

Become an SEO pro.

While you probably can’t do it alone, search engine optimization is one thing you need to learn about. SEO has one of the highest returns on investment in marketing. When done right, it can put your marketing on autopilot so you can concentrate on improving your business instead of stressing over how to usher customers to your website.

Focus on your mobile strategy.

You need to know the percentage of your visitors that will turn to their devices to visit your website. If it’s a high percentage, it may be in your best interest to build a separate mobile version of your website. If it is low, ensure your website works well on smart phones, but don’t invest in a mobile version.

Better your content.

It’s vital to drive action and exceed the buyer needs and expectations. Your content is one way you can do that. If you are using your site to sell products, you need to get photos and descriptions of the products prepared. Make sure to gather your content prior to building your website in order to save you tons of time.

Remember the importance of calls to action.

Calls to action give your visitors the chance to decide their next move. Give your visitors a reason to buy something and make it easy for them to take action. If you’re having a sale, write more than just “All products on sale.” Instead, write “All products on sale, CLICK HERE to see them.”

Answer “why?”

It is no doubt that you want visitors to take action on your website. There are some things you need to do to encourage them. A text box that says, “enter email address” won’t get you a significant conversion rate. Encourage your visitors to make a move. Tell them the reasons why they should enter their email address: to receive specials or get 15% off of their first order. The same thing applies to social media logos. There are countless benefits of social media for business. You need to get your visitors to follow or like you on Twitter or Facebook, but you need to do more than just put a logo on your website. Explain the benefits of being your friend on Facebook. People want to know what’s in it for them.

Have trust in your designer.

People who come in with a closed mind tend to have the worst results. Ditch the know-it-all attitude and remember that you hired an expert because, well, they’re the expert. They know more than you because this is what they do every day. Let your Web designer do what they do best and you stick with what you know. This is key to helping you meet – and likely exceed - your goals.

There is truly no greater tool than a killer website, yet many business still fail to have one. Use your website to differentiate your business in a way that extends beyond industry standards. Remember that the key to a powerful website comes down to how you display and explain your services.

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