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Not all MBA programs are created equal and it’s important for prospective candidates to do their research before applying; they should look at what employers in their industries value about those holding this prestigious designation. Of course, a strong academic foundation is paramount, but hiring managers also want those interested in an open position to have some clout in the business world. Furthermore, knowing people in the sector is often what gets interviewees an audience with decision makers to begin with. When choosing a program, keep the following considerations in mind to get the most out of the degree.

Choose A School That Provides Part-time And Full-time Options

An MBA program should work for its candidates and be accessible, meeting both their professional and personal needs. They should’t feel stifled or pigeonholed into a schedule, rather inspired – looking forward to walking into class everyday. Recognized programs like the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics offer part-time MBAs on evenings to accommodate busy work schedules, one-year MBAs for those excited to work hard and fast, and MBAs that include co-op opportunities for students looking to boost their work experience. This shows the school wants people from a variety of career stages to take part in their programs making for a more fruitful and diverse experience for all.

Ensure The Program Gives Candidates Opportunities To Network

Attending a school founded by the creator of Blackberry, and attended by the likes of BMO’s CEO, as well as presidents of Reebok North America, Second Cup, and Toshiba says that only the best emerge from the program. Students will also appreciate the opportunity to network with alumni establishing themselves in Waterloo-tech and pursue professional development as they form relationships with distinguished faculty.

Study In An Area That Boasts A Business Culture

Waterloo is a centre for business innovation, with countless startups working to make a name for themselves in the area – particularly where technologies are concerned. The city itself awards its residents and students pursuing business interests the opportunity to test their ideas out. The Communitech Hub for example is a not-for-profit providing valuable working space to budding entrepreneurs. The hub has enabled students and business-owners to form lasting collaborations. The work they’re doing for aspiring businesspeople is so promising that Google itself invested in it. The giant has even expressed plans for working with other companies that are part of the network.

Prospective MBA applicants must ensure the programs they choose will provide them not only with a resume boost, but with the knowledge, skills, and connections to flourish in the business world. The program should give its students options for study, so they can pursue their degree on their own terms, as well as the chance to specialize. They should also create networking opportunities for candidates through their institution and be located in an area that maximizes their graduates’ experience. Not only will they emerge with important credentials, but with the know-how it takes to succeed in big business.

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