How the Top 3 Email Automation Platforms Stack Up for Small Businesses

BY: ON FRIDAY, JULY 28, 2017

Successfully running a small business is no easy accomplishment. Among other things, it usually requires working long hours all week long. This is why smart small business owners look for ways to automate important tasks to save time without sacrificing quality.

The Top 3 Email Automation Platforms for Small Businesses

A quality email automation platform is a great way for small business owners to save time while increasing sales. While plenty of options exist, the following three are the most popular:

1. SendinBlue

SendinBlue has been providing email automation services since 2012. One of the many things that differentiate the company from alternatives like the below is its ease-of-use.

For example, you can import contacts from existing files. However, if you don’t have them in CSV format, you can just copy and paste them from another source.

It’s extremely important that your emails have responsive designs, as you want them to look magnificent on whichever device they appear. SendinBlue provides this feature to every email automatically, so all you have to do is write the text and hit “send.”

Some additional features that set SendinBlue apart from other marketing automation platforms are automated SMS messaging, dynamic list segmentation and updating contact attributes based on subscriber actions.

As far as email automation goes, SendinBlue offers:

  • Custom Event Tracking
  • Custom Workflows
  • Email Behavior Tracking
  • Link Tracking
  • Multichannel Automation
  • New Subscriber Tracking
  • Premade workflows

More than 50,000 users depend on SendinBlue. Their clientele includes companies of all sizes:

  • BMW
  • Michelin
  • ActiveWords

2. MailChimp

MailChimp may be one of the most popular options for email automation. One reason is because of how easily it integrates with other popular platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Magento.

You can use MailChimp to not just set up autoresponders but also segment your contacts into useful groups you can then create automated messages for.

If you decide to use MailChimp, you’ll join other companies like:


·The PGA

·The New York Times

3. Constant Contact

Sending professional-looking emails is easy with Constant Contact, thanks to its drag-and-drop functionality. Once you create a customized email, you can then set up criteria for it so Constant Contact automatically sends the message out based on certain requirements.

Constant Contact doesn’t have the same Fortune 500 clientele as MailChimp. Instead, their list of customers includes smaller businesses like:

·The River Rock

·Blue Bunny Books and Toys


The Bottom Line for Small Businesses

All three of the above email automation platforms have earned their way on this list, but as you can only pick one, my choice would be SendinBlue. Small businesses are always looking for tools to help them grow without breaking the bank. Sendinblue gives you all the automation and tracking you would want from an email marketing tool while being less expensive than its competitors. Instead of pricing their solution based on how many contacts you store in their platform, their pricing is based on how many emails you send. This way you aren’t paying for emails you don’t send. This equates to Sendinblue being 7x less expensive than other platforms like MailChimp and Constant Contact. SendinBlue will even allow you to send up to 9,000 emails every month for free, so you can test drive this platform before making a financial commitment.

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