How to Choose That Perfect Social Media Page That Supports Your Startup Brand?


In this era of social media, you need to put forward your best efforts in exploring all channels to promote your startup. It has become mandatory to establish your brand the right way on social media since billions of people are connected to them. Did you know that social media giant Facebook has around

1.41 billion active users, then there are 288 million users on Twitter, 347 million on LinkedIn and 70 million on Pinterest?

Now, these numbers are pretty huge. You cannot afford to ignore them! Social media actually has the power to drive your business to success. Having a great presence across social media channels is essential for business promotion and tackling increasing competition.

An article published in Startup Donut reveals that social media is perhaps the most powerful tool for startups to level the level the playing field, create a buzz around the brand, garner media mileage and build a loyal customer base.

A strong visual brand is the best way to effectively convey your startup’s brand personality and connect with the target audience. If you’re a young startup and are operating on smaller budgets and grassroots campaigns, an awesome social media page design can help you take elements of your startup brand and present those elements to the world in a way that’s even impressive!

In an interview posted on Forbes, contributorDan Schawbel noted Larry Weber’s view on the issue. “Social tools are definitely worthwhile for startups.” He further adds, “However, for social to be effective, companies must be able to wrap their products and services in well-designed experiences that people can get excited about and share with their friends.”

In a nutshell, a creative and inspiring social media page design can effectively take your business off the ground, right from the get-go. So, without any further delay let's find out ways to ensure a meaningful presence on social media without having access to vast resources and work force.

1.Discover the Potential – Now, you know how a careful and artistic approach to build a social media page design can lay the foundation of success for your startup! But finding a creative social media page that can convoke undivided attention and interest from your target audience is easier said than done. However, with the multitude of online crowdsourcing sites dotting the Internet landscape, it isn’t totally out of the realm of possibility to find the creative work that can take your business off the ground.

Social media page design contests by Designhill, for example, offer myriad opportunities for that. With a thriving community of graphic designers, illustrators and visual artists from all over the world who hone their skill, you might get the social media page design that can boost your brand from the get-go.

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2.Find Your Mojo with Details – A social media page that gives you an opportunity to put across the right details is the perfect one! The design should be able to speak your startup brand and resonate your brand personality in the best way, be it colors, images, fonts, words or the overall presentation. This is important because when your audiences look at your design, it’s their expression, their taste, their experience they see.

Now, that’s the kind of social media page design that you need, one that excites, one that’s compelling and the one that’s hard-hitting. Make sure you leave no stone unturned to ensure that those who visit your page get glued to it and just don’t think about leaving it, at least not right that instant.

For instance,check out this Facebook page of Zappos has put together a great page with attractive image showcasing the services they provide.

3.Battle it Out for Attention – With such a cut-throat competition on the social media landscape, a mere online presence isn’t enough! You’ve got to fight it out, tooth and claw, with other social media pages. Remember the rules of the game; you’ve got to hold the attention of your target audiences and you’ve to hold it until they’re addicted to your social media posts and images.

In an article posted on, writer Joshua Geary reveals that it’s significant that your social media page packs in enough punch to tickle your target audience’s interest right from the outset. It pays to not give your users a chance to shy away and close your page. The chances of getting hit or hitting the oblivion are just a click away. So, ensure that every element of your social media page from images to design, seamlessly blend together to make your target audience curious and excited about your startup brand.

For example, Levi's target audience is the young, the hip and those who want to make a style statement. Therefore, every image that they have put on the site caters to grab the attention of this particular audience.

4.Organization is the Key – Now, that you’ve that perfect social media page design! Think on how to find room to improve the perfect for that extra edge. Why not, be careful when organizing the page! Make sure that the most vital elements along with the persona of your brand pop up.

For example, significant links leading your site and contact details must be clearly visible on your page. And all these information must be arranged in a fashion that they do not look cluttered.

Remember, picture speaks a thousand words. So, make sure your page has more room for images than texts. But just putting up images will not help. It’s the right placement of images that’s crucial. Ensure that images don’t overlap with the content.

For instance, you can use your Call-to-Action button to link anywhere you’d like to drive traffic.

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5.Put Forth the Right Images – And that’s not all! It’s smart to be really careful when picking up images as they can make or break the visual appeal of your social media page. Ensure posting relevant images, those that represent your brand, those that convey your brand’s personality and those that speak out your specialists. But when using these images, make sure to add elements that tickle pink the fancy of your target audience.

But, just don’t forget to play by the rules. Comply with the image posting guideline of the social media channel you’re using. Inappropriate use of images may get your otherwise successful social media page suspended.

For example, see how Papa John’s shows off its product to cater to people who love the look of a mouth-watering pizza.

Note: Make sure the images that you post are mobile-friendly. A survey conducted by Adobe reveals that around 71% of people use mobile devices ranging from tablets to smartphones to access social media sites. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the photos allow for multi-platform viewing.

Over To You

So, if you’re at the helm of a startup and are looking for everything from a logo to a website, do well to add a social media page design to that list! But what can you do when your startup’s social media page has failed to create an impressive aura for your brand? Well, you try again! Remember, it’s never too late to get things back on track.

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