How To Cultivate Better Information Sharing Using Board Portal Software

BY: ON TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2018

Information is the lifeblood of any modern organization, and for board members responsible for company leadership and guidance, developing good information sharing practices is vital to success. Poor information sharing can have a serious negative impact, and while the costs of communication breakdowns are often invisible (taking the form of missed opportunities and wasted time), that doesn’t make them any less detrimental, especially when those communication breakdowns happen at the level of the board itself.

This problem is compounded by the increased threats to cybersecurity many businesses are trying to deal with. The communication channels that might be most comfortable for your board members — email, Dropbox, and SMS — are notoriously vulnerable to cyber attacks, and many of the most common email security alternatives, such as encryption, are hardly ideal for board members who are not necessarily part of your staff IT network. How do you find a communication channel that is secure, but easy enough for your board members to use that it will actually see uptake?

For a growing number of businesses, the most effective solution has been the adoption of software specifically designed to provide board members with a secure communications channel. Board portal software providers like Aprio are carving out a niche for themselves by meeting boards’ needs for seamless information sharing that also provides the most cutting-edge data security available.

So what is board portal software? Portal software is a board management tool that allows board secretaries to instantly share documents, memos, and other information through a secure portal that board members can access through their own computers. While the range of services available depends on the particular provider, the most comprehensive providers offer flexible options that allow users to access the portal through mobile devices as well, and can even make portal information and documents available offline through secure downloading options.

Portals are not simply document receptacles, however; the best portal software is designed to provide a forum for board members to share information, prepare for upcoming meetings, and annotate and interact with the data being shared. This means that communication via portal is not only more secure than email, it is also more efficient — instead of checking multiple email chains, and comparing various different versions of documents, all of the information is in one place, and every user is working off of the same documents.

Encouraging healthy communication among board members is essential to the success of any organization, and in an era of data breaches, malware, and coordinated hacks, information sharing options that bring together security and accessibility are increasingly indispensable tools for effective board governance. By offering a convenient, easy-to-use channel for boards to share and discuss information, board portal software is changing how boards communicate. As the software sees more widespread adoption, it is likely to become the standard way boards across a range of different industries manage their information sharing needs.

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