How to Make Your Startup Successful in 6 Easy Steps


The basic idea for every startup is same - start with a great product! Once you have your product ready, the next step is having a powerful plan that carefully considers each and every aspect (both positive and negative) that can make or break your startup.

All in all, here are 6 easy steps that you need to follow in order to have a successful startup.

1- Create a Powerful Logo

Your logo is your company face on the web. A strategically developed logo is immensely helpful in building credibility for your brand.

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  • The logo maker is free to use so you have the power to create amazing logos without spending any money - an ideal scenario for the startups.
  • The platform lets you select a unique logo from hundreds of pre-designed templates.
  • You can easily download brand assets to improve your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • With the easy to design logo creator, there is no professional design experience needed to create your own logo. You can effortlessly create your own brand logo in seconds.

More than 1,40,000 business owners are already using this free tool and your startup can be the next one.

2- Hire The Right People In Your Team

As a startup, it becomes important to hire the right people in your team because you cannot experiment with too many people. Your budget is limited and you need to make use of the available budget in the most appropriate manner. Here are some strategies that will help:

  • Hire people based on the needs of your customers.
  • Create detailed job descriptions that help the recruiter and the job seeker to understand the details of the job.
  • Always ask for references and conduct a background check.
  • Prepare tough interview procedure that automatically eliminates weak candidates.

3- Leverage The Power of Content Marketing

Content marketing still remains one of the most ROI friendly lead generation strategies. The top 7 types of content that generate the most leads are blog posts, ebooks, slideshares, comprehensive guides, case studies, white papers, and interviews. Follow the below tips to get the most of your content marketing efforts:

  • Know about your target audience and create user personas.
  • Identify the top channels for promoting content and select the post time to post content.
  • Choose a social media management software like Hootsuite to schedule your posts at regular intervals.
  • Take the help of ephemeral content marketing to reach millennials.
  • Prioritize quality over content. Have content more than 2000 words in your site as longer content are most likely to get ranked on Google.

3- Perfect your SEO

Search engines generate the maximum number of leads for your business and if you want to grab a higher share of organic leads then you need to perfect your SEO. Follow the below strategies to boost your website’s SEO:

  • Add proper title tag and description tag that contains your main keywords.
  • Optimize all the images in your site by using Gzip compression.
  • Speed up your website by eliminating render blocking javascript and css in above the fold content.
  • Create AMP pages in your site in order to improve the overall user experience.
  • Add proper schema markups to enable search engines to better understand about the content of your webpage.
  • Check and fix your broken links.
  • Create and upload sitemap.xml.
  • Use proper internal links to increase the domain authority and importance of the internal pages.
  • Identify and fix crawl errors.
  • Create powerful backlinks by using strategies like guest posting.

4- Take The Help of Mobile Marketing

Your startup can’t be successful if you don't leverage the power of mobile marketing. Here are some useful strategies that you need to follow:

  • Make use of the top tips for sending good push notifications.
  • Optimize your app for both Android and Apple.
  • Make your website mobile friendly as a majority of your customers are likely to be using a mobile device to open your website.
  • Keep your CTA’s like the phone number clickable in order to generate the maximum leads.
  • Disable annoying pop-ups and avoid adding

6- Keep Your Customers Happy

As a startup, your entire concentration should be on keeping your customers happy. The retention of existing customers is a crucial element in the success of your startup. Here are some ways through which you can keep your customers happy:

  • Make regular calls to your customers so that they feel special and cared for.
  • Reply to the emails to your customers promptly.
  • Do not compromise on the quality of your products or services.
  • Listen to your customers and try to solve their problems as early as possible.
  • Make sure your customer support team is active 24/7 and they must talk politely with the customers. Make use of the top customer service tools to keep the customers satisfied.
  • Create valuable content for your customers so that they always remain informed.


Make use of the above strategies to win the hearts of your target audience. Always remember that your startup will be successful only if you care about your customers and constantly improve the quality of your services. Moreover, relevant marketing is absolutely necessary to reach more prospects.

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