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Trying to grow your small business is no easy feat – owning your backyard is an integral part of the process. When you try to get a potential customer to like and trust you enough to do business with you, their first impression of you needs to be memorable. The engagement your site generates affects your ability to close sales, so your site needs to be sharp. Keep in mind these important components of building a website that will grow your small business.

Build your site with your customer in mind.

If a customer is looking to book a private charter flight, find a new lawn mower or buy a piece of children’s clothing, they’ll use the Internet to find a business that offers those products or services. In order to maximize your sales, your website should be simple to navigate and designed to ensure your customer enjoys the journey on your site, from the language to the images you share. Think about your site and how the user will experience it, and carefully design the website so your prospects can find what they need with ease.

One of many mistakes business owners make when building a website is they speak over the customer’s heads. Business owners often use fancy language and go above and beyond with professional jargon, intending to come off as credible but often failing to impress. While it’s good to show that you’re well informed, it’s best to not over share and inundate the potential buyer with too much information. Information overload will turn potential buyers away.

Highlight your contact information.

What business isn’t looking for ways to build a powerful website? One simple way is to display your contact information on your homepage and various pages on your website. You need to make sure you’re easily accessible if your customer has problems or questions.

People are more likely to trust you if you are willing to display your contact information freely. A business that seems unwilling to share their contact information or hides it can come across as less legitimate.

Clearly displayed contact information on the homepage helps businesses rank higher in the search engines too.

Update your site with fresh content.

So many businesses miss the mark on posting new content on their website, making the website appear stale and dated. People want to know and experience what it’s like to work with you, so show that you’re current. Make it clear to your potential customers that you are a blend of both a professional who knows what they are doing and a person who understands and sympathizes with other’s problems. Your site is where you can prove that you value your customers and what is important to them.

Fresh, valuable content also allows you to show that you’re a solution provider. You can build content that answers common questions and provide resources for your customers.

Your website provides the perfect place to showcase your business and what it stands for. Choose your website design with care, focusing on providing the customer with an excellent experience from start to finish and offering insightful, one of a kind information. Do what you can to design a robust website that is informative and relates to the customer – a website of this nature will take you from being just another business to one that standouts from the noise.

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