Investigating the Increasing Importance of Digital Marketing in The Education Sector

BY: ON FRIDAY, JUNE 01, 2018

In the wake of the digital revolution, the entire scenario of every single industry has undergone a radical change in outlook. With the introduction of advanced technology, cheap internet and affordable hand held smart devices, the education sector has gone digital, bringing the entire world of education closer. Digital marketing has become a part and parcel of the education sector and it has helped the education industry immensely.

Increase in reach

Digital marketing revolution has changed the face of education. Students from all over the world are now aware of the various educational opportunities beyond the boundaries of geography and other related barriers. This has advanced the cause of education as it brings the brightest minds of the world together to dedicate their brilliance and hard work for fruitful research and advancement of education. The biggest barrier in the field of education used to be geography as it was quite impossible for students to be aware of what is going on, somewhere on the other side of the globe but digital marketing has shattered these issues like never before.

24X7 availability of resources

As more and more people gain access to the internet, they have lesser and lesser patience to deal with waiting for effective means of communication between the potential students and educational institutions. Digital marketing has made all the necessary information about the particular course or college available at the students’ fingertips. This helps students make their choices with much ease and higher transparency. This revolution of information has aided educational institutions immensely and has reduced the need for extra communication.

Reduction of expenses

Owing to the rise of digital marketing the expenses have reduced greatly over the years as the cost of traditional advertisements are done away with. With a planned digital marketing strategy, one can effectively reduce their marketing costs manifold. This fund that would have otherwise been used for marketing is now better utilised for the benefit of education. This is revolutionary as it saves huge expenses every semester and thus, more important things such as research, educational infrastructure, student housing etc get more priority.

Sharing of information made easier

With the help of this digital marketing revolution students are able to share their experience, tips, survival techniques to even educational experiences in the form of testimonials and reviews which are of great use to fresh young students who can understand their future educational endeavours better. This helps them prepare for their academics in a much better and easier manner. It is also extremely beneficial to students and the institutions as it can attract companies to offer placements.

Funding made easier

With the help of digital marketing not only is it easier for educational institutions to reach out to students, academicians and researchers, it also helps them attract lucrative funding. As these institutions create interesting marketing campaigns it helps pique the interests of patrons and investors who might decide to invest in a particular research or fund the institution as a whole to aid education.

Digital marketing has been a boon for the education industry. Its all pervasive influence has aided and furthered the cause of education effectively without substantial additional costs. Owing to advances in the digital marketing arena the education industry is reaping rich fruits of success.

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