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BY: ON MONDAY, MAY 01, 2017

If you’ve established your business in your industry, you’ll likely want to take it to the next level, and one of the ways of doing that is to serve your market on a global scale. There’s a frequent problem for businesses when it comes to serving their global audience: they forget half of the world’s population speaks 23 different languages. Why is this a problem? Because most businesses only offer visitors English content.

If you own an online business and you’re looking to take your products and services globally, you need to cater for different countries by getting your content translated into multiple languages. You don’t need to make your content available in the reported 7000+ languages spoken worldwide, you just need to get your content translated into the most commonly spoken languages. Here are a few reasons why this is mandatory if you’re looking to serve a global market.

70% of Internet Users Don’t Speak English

It’s hard to believe that 70% of internet users don’t even speak English, and that’s a massive amount of people you’re not able to target because you only offer English content. The thing is, most websites can be found in the search engines quite easily, but if your website only contains English content, people who don’t speak a word of it aren’t going to know your website even exists.

Multilingual Internet Users

Whether you already know it or not, there are more than 1.5 billion English speakers in the world, but there are more than 7 billion people worldwide. That’s a lot of custom you’re missing out on if you’re only targeting English customers. There are over 850 million Mandarin Chinese speakers alone, so if you had your website translated into multiple languages, Mandarin Chinese being one of them, you could find your business propels to levels first unimaginable.

Target 85% of the Global Market with Just 9 Translations

As stated above, you don’t need to invest hugely and get your website translated into hundreds of languages to make your business a global success, you just need to target the right countries you think your business will thrive in. Reports suggest that if you translate a website by offering just nine different languages, you’ll be able to target 80% of the global online market.

The Cost-Effective Solution to Market Your Brand Globally

Most businesses that don’t know the benefits of translating a website end up pouring more money into marketing ideas, when all they need to do is translate their content into several languages to be able to market their brand globally. Translating content is the most cost-effective solution when it comes to putting your brand out there and it’s something all businesses should consider if they’re looking to sell products and services on a global scale.

Many businesses feel website translation is pointless because of the costs involved and the many translations that’ll be needed. However, if you’re seriously going to consider taking your business global, offering multiple languages to your audience is mandatory to ensure you’re successful.

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