The Most Common Injuries Sustained in the Workplace


Serious workplace injuries are surprisingly common in the United States. In 2013, over 4000 workers were fatally harmed at work, while millions suffered injuries that could have been avoided. Employer negligence is one of the main causes of injury, and one of the most common reasons for filing a personal injury lawsuit. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common injuries sustained in the workplace, and how they can be prevented.

1. Overexertion

Overexertion is not only the most common injury sustained in the workplace, it’s also one of the most expensive for employers. Injuries are usually caused by improper lifting, pushing, pulling, throwing and carrying, and can cause numerous injuries that can lead to employees needing time off work until they recover. The simplest way to prevent this kind of injury is to train your staff on how to perform their activities correctly.

2. Slipping/Tripping

Slipping on wet floors and tripping over hazardous objects is the second most common workplace injury, and also the one that leads to the most personal injury lawsuits. Employers have a responsibility to ensure that the workplace is safe, and it is vital the employees are trained in what to do if there is a hazard at work. Simply mopping the floor and placing a ‘wet floor’ sign, or moving cables out of the way could prevent a costly lawsuit.

3. Falling

At number three on the list is falling. Falls from heights are usually caused by improper equipment and poor maintenance, however they can also be down to a lack of training. Employers have a responsibility to ensure that employees are properly trained in how to use the equipment. They are also responsible for providing the correct equipment and maintaining it properly. Falling from height could lead to fatal injuries.

4. Falling Objects

The fourth most common cause of workplace injury is falling objects. This type of injury is common in warehouses, where objects are often stacked at heights. Unfortunately, most of these types of injuries are very serious as they cause head injuries. The only way to prevent this kind of injury is to avoid stacking heavy objects above head height, and provide proper training and safety equipment (such as helmets) to employees.

5. Vehicle Accidents

Automobile accidents are among the most common type of accident in the United States, so it goes without saying that vehicle accidents at work are common. These can be caused by distracted driving, a lack of sleep, or unsafe working hours. It is vital that employees are trained in safe driving, and that employers ensure their staff stick to safe working hours with appropriate breaks. Although not every accident can be avoided, a lot can be prevented through the appropriate health and safety measures.

Safety precautions, diligence and proper training are vital in order to prevent the majority of injuries in the workplace. When employers fail to do this, they are at risk of lawsuits.

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