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Developing a new app or software technology company come with the arduous process of hiring and managing a team. Outsourcing can help you save money but expensive mistakes can be made if you aren’t fully prepared. Below are a few tips to help you hire and manage the right team for your project.

Deciding Who To Hire

Consider if you want to hire an agency or create a team of freelancers. Agencies usually come with pre-built teams ready to go with a project manager already in place. An agency will generally be more expensive but the advantage is that your team will be in the same time zone. Freelancers can be more affordable if hiring offshore and can be a good choice for startups with a limited budget. When working with freelancers you may end up having to take on the task of coordinating responsibilities unless you hire a project manager.

Credentials Aren’t Everything

Credentials from educational institutions aren’t always the best way to determine competency. More companies are relying more on personalized tests designed to measure cognitive abilities. For example, Google combines behavioral and situational structured interviews combined with assessment tests designed to recognize cognitive skills, leadership ability and conscientiousness.

Plan Communications

Take time zones into consideration when you’re hiring a team that is offshore. For example, if you’re based out of NY and hiring a team in the Philippines, they may not be able to respond immediately to a support ticket issued in the morning. Know your overlap hours and when all of your team members will be available online.

Decide on a common application which can be used for communication purposes such as Slack or Skype. You may want to use a project management system like Trello in order to assign tasks to specific worker and keep track of when they are completed. Another option is to use a SCRUM master or local project manager who will be able to delegate tasks and communicate to all team members. Having a team that is flexible is also vital. Members of your team may have to start or end work a few hours later than usual on specific dates for an online meeting.

Keep Technology Standards In Mind

Make sure that your team is familiar with the latest technology standards. For example, if you’re developing an app you’ll want to make sure that it will be responsive and mobile-friendly. This is particularly important if you want to obtain search engine traffic and ultimately increase leads and sales. It’s vital that your software development company is well versed on the latest technology standards if you want your project to be successful.

Guard Against Intellectual Theft

Protect your investments against intellectual theft when outsourcing developments. Create NDA’s and hire an attorney to draft out contracts which the agency or freelancer will have to sign. There’s an element of risk involved when outsourcing development because some jurisdictions have little concern for intellectual property infringement. More than half of software utilized in Asia and India is pirated. As a result you may want to consider hiring an in-house developer to handle the delicate development aspects that make your product unique.

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