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Customer engagement is the interaction and connection between the brand or organization and its consumer. This engagement passes through different channels of communication, online or offline. Furthermore, the connection between the two may either be a reaction, an effect, an interaction, or overall experience of the customer. Some companies define customer engagement as the points of contact a customer has with their products and the experience they derive from them.
Customer engagement ensures that these customers will return to have the same experiences all over again.

We have compiled this list of top customer engagement strategies used by some companies across different industries.

All hands on support

This strategy focuses on having everyone in the organization play an active role in providing support to customers. The all-hands-on-support strategy is currently used by major SaaS (Software as a Service) companies.

Use an analytics system

Analytics systems are now readily available and affordable. They do not require special installation requirements and can be easily used. Using such a system provides you with important insights into where your service or product is succeeding and where targets are not being reached.

You can use the results of the system for qualitative analysis. In essence, the results will show you where the weak points are. You can, therefore, start improving your product or service by focusing on these areas.

Humanize your brand

People usually see corporations as faceless entities that are operating for a profit. Similarly, any advertisement or message that their corporate brand sends out is deeply scrutinized and doubted. You can address this by making your brand a little bit more like a person. You can employ a lot of strategies to give your brand a more human feel. Ultimately, your aim is to give a trusted face to your brand’s voice.

Slack channel for everyone

We all know that Slack is a great communication tool that you can use for your operations. By creating your own Slack channel, your community of customers will have a forum where they can share their ideas with you. In like manner, this also provides an effective means for you to communicate with them on a more personal basis.

Be lively on social media

Almost everyone is on social media. Individuals and organizations, alike, are active on the different social media sites. You can unleash your brand in these sites by posting positively sassy and lively comments. You might just be surprised at the results.

However, it is important that you listen closely to what people are telling you thru these interactions.

Employ a customer development process

It is important to craft a clear process for your company’s customer development. This helps your company effectively address the pain points experienced by your customers. It will also facilitate the scoping of requests for changes to your product’s features or even additional ones.

An efficient customer development process aids in postulating and testing the kind of products that will draw in your customers. As a result, you can focus on those products that show big potential in the market.

Customer engagement plays a major role in sustaining and expanding your brand. It helps you create many touch points and venues that you possibly can. However, it is important for you to be consistent in every aspect of your customer engagement. This includes the messaging that your brand uses to the customers’ experience from the start of their interaction with your product to the different departments they travel through.

It is ultimately your highly-engaged customers who are most likely going to return for your products or services. They are the ones who constitute your loyal customer base.

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