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If you own a small business, task management is something that you need to do. Irrespective of your job description or qualifications, you need to fulfill tasks that involve crucial task management skills. The problem is, not everyone possesses such skills and even if you do, you might not necessarily get the time to handle different aspects of your business. So, you must rely on tools to do the job on your behalf. These tools, known as task management software, have surged in popularity in recent times.

Is This the Same as Project Management Tools?

There are many people who tend to confuse them with project management tools. While it is true that task management features are a part of the various project management software, standalone task management applications are more than capable of getting the job done, not to mention easier to use.

So, if the thought of using multi-functional, advanced tools seems challenging and you lack the proper task management skills, the following can help your business:

Time Doctor

This program aims to improve the productivity of organizations by cutting down on distractions that waste time. It focuses on what’s important and encourages users to finish them. The software can be used to drastically increase team activity, and improve business processes. What Time Doctor does is analyze where the time is wasted and then helps rectify the situation. The program may even be used to allow businesses manage their remote workers better as if they were working in the same space. This helps maintain a consistent productivity level even when the work is being done remotely.


Tradify is a great tool, geared towards plumbers, electricians, HVAC companies and other tradesmen, that rely a lot on manual invoicing and complex scheduling. Tradify does away with all that and increases the efficiency of heating and cooling businesses. Now, companies can update their employees in real-time and book jobs using the Tradify app.

Tradify applies real-time changes in the work schedule so workers can know which jobs are high priority and reach there in time. Plus, quotes and invoice for jobs can be drawn up for the customers in real-time and sent to their email addresses. Plus, you can easily find out how much time your employees spend on-site and track their job progress.


Zipline was built with the simple objective of facilitating smooth conversations and updates to prevent any breakdown of store execution. While portal websites, email, and technologies have become outdated or slow, Zipline can be used by business organizations to automate manual tasks, customize content according to the interests and needs of individual users, and help with the execution process. It even reminds your team members about pending objectives. All of this is handled by the software in a quick, easy, and engaging manner.

Zipline promotes better store execution, thereby resulting in greater profits. Use this program to move your teams more quickly, increase productivity, and experience greater visibility as far as organizational activities are concerned. Now, you can align your teams and execute objectives in real time. Zipline also provides real time data on how the programs are performing and being executed within your stores.

Zipline is compatible with all sorts of mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, and iPhones. So, you can expect to receive updates on your work progress anytime, anywhere. Skim, update and organize your content as required whenever, wherever.


This is an extremely handy tool to work with because it basically lets you use existing templates so you can rapidly add new workflows, develop projects where individual tasks are all posted on shared boards, create various lists of tasks not just for yourself but for other members of your team too, and break down big tasks into the smaller, more manageable activities. Thus, Asana helps you set limits on a project if it becomes too large to handle all by yourself.

Team members are allowed to leave comments on tasks, and they can even get email updates regarding the progress of their work. This setup is perfect for businesses where beginning one task relies on the completion of the previous one. Asana can be used by the managers of the projects to check its status easily and quickly. The best part? They do not even have to access their respective inboxes or get in touch with the rest of their team for regular updates.


This visual-based, online project software simplifies complex projects by breaking them down into basic workflows. Easy to navigate, these workflows are ideal for anyone who does not have in-depth knowledge of project management. Also, if your strength lies in visual thinking, then you can achieve great things with this tool. The intuitive interface is easy enough for business owners to understand and get started right away.

Once you start using Casual for your first project, you will realize just how fast and easy it is to develop new tasks, categorize different types of tasks at the same time, and add new branches to your project. You can complete all this work in only a few simple clicks.

On the surface this software might seem deceptively straightforward, but as you tinker with it, you will discover the unending limits of its functionality. Use this tool to simultaneously track multiple tasks that you are assigned to as well as the ones given to others. What’s more, this tool can integrate quickly with Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Dropbox. Both Android and iOS users can work with the Casual tool.


Small business owners, nowadays, have a lot on their plate; so they cannot be expected to handle every aspect of their business in the same, efficient way. However, using the tools mentioned above, they can monitor the progress of their activities and make sure everything is happening the way it is supposed to.

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