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Top companies, in particular, young companies and tech startups, now see offices differently than the more conventional businesses. With remote working becoming more popular, companies like Automattic (the company behind WordPress) are even abandoning offices altogether. Those who still maintain an office tend to offer employees a long list of facilities to support their work.

Facilities like a comfortable cafeteria, a gym with great equipment, sleeping pods for taking naps, and a leisure area or games room are not just attracting the best talents, but also are useful for boosting productivity. In fact, having an office games room brings a lot of benefits to the table.

Active Break for Employees

Taking a break from complex tasks isn’t as easy as walking away from the computer. For some in the tech industry, actually stopping thinking about codes and the problems they’re dealing with is where the challenge really lies. This is where having an active break is a great solution.

An active break is the time you take to distract yourself with fun activities. Playing video games or having a ping-pong match with a colleague is the kind of distraction needed to optimize that short break time.

There are more things to do when the office has a games room, anything from a pool table to a vintage arcade game that everyone will love.

Boosting Creativity

Modern employees don’t work the same way as their older counterparts. In a tech startup and other creative-heavy environments, following a set of procedures isn’t how you solve problems and get things done. Everyone needs to think creatively and critically, and one of the best ways to do that is by having fun in the process.

A lot of key engineers in the tech industry love to solve puzzles when they think. The games room in their companies is filled with board games and puzzles for them to tinker with. There are even companies that offer special corners for employees who love model kits, just so they can have the right kind of creative stimulations.

Good for Stress

A stressful working environment isn’t a good place to be in, especially with the market being as competitive as it is today. Stressed out employees also perform worse and will not benefit the company in any way.

Once again, having a games room as an office facility is a great way to mitigate the risk of excessive stress. Instead of stressed-out employees, the company gets employees who love to be at the office. They have the tools they need to manage stress and balance their life.

Without stress, employees are more productive, more creative, and are more likely to contribute to the growth of the company. Employees with lower stress level are also more likely to take initiatives and step up to the challenges they face.

All of these benefits are more than enough reasons why an office games room is a good investment. It's an easy facility to create, one that brings great things to the company and its employees.

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