How The Internet of Things is Changing the Way We Live


The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a new phenomenon, but it’s only recently that it has started to grow in popularity and is expected to reach the mainstream by 2020. We’ve all seen somebody wearing a device such as a FitBit or Apple Watch, and know somebody who owns a smart home device such as a smartphone app that allows them to control their home heating or receive alerts when something happens such as the security alarm sounding. The IoT is significantly impacting the way we do a number of things, and as a result our lives are becoming more connected than ever before.

Changing Security

Before the IoT, you would set an alarm before leaving your home but if it were to sound whilst you were out, there’s no way you’d be able to know that until you return. Thanks to smart technology, home security is becoming even more advanced, and homeowners are able to be immediately notified if something is wrong with their property. Thanks to apps which send an email, text message or push notification when triggered, homeowners can now be alerted straight away to break-ins, fire or other problems in their home no matter where in the world they are. Remote surveillance also allows homeowners to watch their property via a web browser or app for real-time updates.

Changing Parenting

For many of us with children, the mobile phone revolutionized parenting and was able to give kids more independence and provide parents with peace of mind. Mobile phones allow kids and parents to stay in touch in a way that was never before possible, leaving many parents feeling much more confident about allowing their children to do things such as go out shopping with friends. However, the IoT has taken this even further. Now, parents are able to get real-time updates on their children with apps such as public transport trackers or even GPS trackers on a child’s phone. Parents are able to download apps which they can use to remotely access their child’s phone, which is a useful tool in an age where cyber-bullying is growing. Apps which utilize the IoT for school bus, for example, can help parents to feel confident and safe knowing where their child is and being alerted if anything were to happen.

Changing Health

The IoT is also having a significant effect on healthcare and the way in which we look after ourselves. Wearable technology is becoming significantly more popular with more and more people using it as a means of discovering their current health status and a way to improve on their fitness and personal health levels. Medical professionals are also discovering the use of the IoT in healthcare, as it provides a way to get real-time updates on the status of patients through wearables that track vital stats and other factors. Because of this, people are getting healthcare sooner and have a better opportunity of taking control of their own health.

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