How to Use Existing Content to Grow Your Web Traffic?

BY: ON FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2018

What next after writing persuasive, exciting, witty, interesting and resourceful content? All website owners and webmasters are looking for effective ways to direct web traffic to their existing blogs and web pages. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place.

Incorporate Visual Assets

Businesses need visual content to gain more leads. The term ‘content is king’ was coined first in the mid-1990s. It applies to content marketing today just as it did back then. In fact, digital experts these days state that ‘great content is king’. Accentuate your written text with relevant visual elements to capture your audience’s eyes. The following are great visual elements:

● Images

● Infographics

● Graphs

● Videos

● Pictures

If you can create these visual elements yourself, you will grow traffic in little time. Search engines such as Google could penalize you if you copy-paste existing visual elements from the internet.

Leverage the Power of Webinars

Organizing live webinars is a great way to use your existing content purposefully.

You can easily create a webinar script that uses any of your existing content pieces like a research or list. Presenter and Host and further provide a reference to the document in the webinar and persuade the users to visit the page to take further action.

Webinars provide a huge opportunity to connect with prospects that have a high probability of converting into customers. When you have super useful content on your site, all you have to do is to invite a guest speaker and connect with as many prospects as possible.

Rewrite Titles Efficiently

Through constant testing and analysis, you can tell whether your existing content is effective. Rewrite content titles with relevant keywords surrounding your niche. Let the headlines promise to solve a problem pertinent to your readers. The following are examples of effective titles for blogs and web pages.

● How to invest in the stock market for maximum profits

● Top 10 benefits of saving money while you are young

● Importance of a good night sleep to your productivity

● How to buy a used car for the right purpose

Replace certain phrases within the body of the content with typical search queries. This effectively leads search engine bots to fetch your content and serve it to passive searchers. If first-time visitors actually derive value from your content, they will most likely return for more.

Don’t Provide Users with a Bad Link Experience

A study by Woorank found that around 18% of backlinks provide users with a poor link experience. Bad link experience simply means that you are pointing to pages that result in a 404 or redirects users to an irrelevant page.

When you redirect links to pages that are not relevant then it delivers a poor user experience leading to loss of trust resulting in less traffic and reduced ROI.

You need to think seriously when you are redirecting the old content pages or product pages. Always redirect to relevant pages so that it does not hamper the user experience.

Market Content to Relevant Social Media Platforms

With increasing numbers of people spending hours on social media, it is prudent to market your web content there. The following are the numbers of active social media users as of January 2017.

● Facebook -1.871 billion

● WhatsApp – 1 billion

● Facebook Messenger-1 billion

● WeChat- 846 million

● Instagram- 600 million

● Tumblr- 550 million

● Twitter- 317 million

● Snapchat -300 million

● Pinterest-150 million

Note that specific social media platforms are more popular with specific age brackets. For example, most Snapchat and Instagram users are young while many Twitter users are older. Facebook seems to be popular with the young and middle-aged groups alike.

Link to Respectable Sites

Do you want to make your existing content more believable, authoritative and trustworthy? Link it to popular, famous and respectable sources of information online.

When you link audiences to such great sources of valuable information, they deem you as knowledgeable and will always return for more. You have to corroborate statistics, statements, and facts so that your content does not sound like a mere allegation.

Give Freebies and Present Offers To Audiences

The fact that everyone looks for free things cannot be overemphasized. Let your audiences feel cherished by offering free resources when they read your content online. If the freebies are valuable, readers will come back for yet more offers. The following are typical examples:

● Free downloads

● Access to top blogs

● Subsidized templates of artistic products

To further grow web traffic using freebies and offers, encourage your readers to share content with their friends, family members and colleagues. For example, give free tutorials to people who reach a certain target of shares to friends.

Consider Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is on a rise with more and more brands reaping in micro influencers to promote their brand. Influencers can be described as authoritative groups, organizations, and individuals. If you are writing content for an upcoming music festival, you could talk to popular musicians and have them post the content on their social media accounts. They could also make posts linking to your website, blog or social media handle.

Consider the following examples of influencers.

● Leading universities and colleges

● Celebrities and famous media personalities

● Respectable civic leaders and politicians

● Well known bloggers

The more influencers talk about a certain phenomenon, the more it trends online. While some influencers will ask for monetary reimbursement, some noble organizations are willing to persuade audiences at no charge.

Measure and Test for Maximum ROIs

Analytic should be part of your content marketing approach. Measuring and testing keyword searches ensure that your content brings the maximum returns on investments (ROIs). Use specific content marketing approaches interchangeably for optimum results. The following are resourceful content analytics tools.

● Google Search Console

● Google Analytics

● Buffer


● Followerwonk


Instead of wasting money on creating new content pieces, it is much wiser to revamp your existing content pieces and promote them efficiently in order to gain more traffic and sales. Use the tactics suggested in this article to grow your existing web traffic without the need to create new content.

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