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You don’t have to be an expert web designer to get a functional and professional-looking website off the ground. Many web hosts now include convenient website builders as part of their hosting plans for no additional charge, alleviating the need for extensive HTML or coding knowledge. What you must have in order to use these tools to their fullest potential, is a strong understanding of how and to what the eye is drawn; this is known as visual hierarchy and will help you direct your users’ eye where you want them to look.

Take for example, a group of rectangles on a page; the eye is typically drawn to the bigger one first and reads what’s inside them in descending order of size. It’s also more likely to go to a large image first before even glancing over at text; where there is text, that which is big, bolded and written in capitals will get their attention. Now, how can a business use visual hierarchy to their benefit on a web page? The key is ensuring prospective customers receive all the information they need in the order the company wants them to, with the call-to-action appearing towards the middle or end.

When designing a webpage, ask yourself what you want your user to get interested in. Then, what are you selling and how can you describe what you’re selling (through your copy) as something that can meet their needs? Don’t forget about adding buttons that are visually distinctive, that take them to pages (sign-up, newsletter, shopping cart) throughout this visual journey, and finally, make any special offers known at the very end to entice them towards making a buy or decision. They’re unlikely to do this if their eye isn’t directed to take in all other important information in first.

Once you’ve solidified your understanding of visual hierarchy, you’ll want to learn about web hosting services — especially through a company that offers you a website builder so you can put your visual skills to work. Find a company with a bevvy of security features as well as a user-friendly web-design tool. HostPapa is one such company — a host that provides three pages with their starter builder and an unlimited amount with subsequent tiers, and 120 templates included in all packages to provide you with a foundation for working. Strong builders will be optimized for mobile devices as well as desktop computers, have easy-to-add widgets, tools, and forms, advanced editing capabilities for more seasoned designers, and provide the opportunity to sell with your own online store. A reliable web host will further optimize all your pages, so they receive the highest possible rankings on the search engines your target market uses.

You’ll be surprised at the extent one little change can make to the effectiveness of a page, therefore research philosophies of visual hierarchy in design and learn how to make your page communicate your message to an audience in a way that creates the most conversions. With the help of a drag-and-drop website builder anyone can use, you’ll be able to make changes and adjustments faster, working with flexible templates and one-click publishing. Design the website that’ll work in favour of your business and boost your online presence at last.

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