Joel Chudleigh

Joel Chudleigh

Joel Chudleigh is the founder of Deep Footprints, a UK based digital marketing agency.

What is different about Deep Footprints?

Joel comes from a marketing background of working for retailers and other businesses as an in-house digital marketer and has plenty of experience working with marketing agencies. The experience was never great – although the people at the agencies were good people they just did not have the commitment to really see a project through and get the results needed, so, he decided to try and do things a little differently. He decided then that in order to be highly effective as an agency you need to limit clients to businesses that you truly care about and to take a unique and passionate approach to every client through getting to understand their business in depth and then committing to the project. You also need to forego the fancy city center office and other luxuries that large agencies often feel they need.

What does Deep Footprints do?

Deep Footprints uses their creativity, knowledge and technical skills to leverage opportunities on the internet that bring more business to their clients. This often involves pay per click marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing and affiliate marketing. They are always happy to chat to business owners and to find out more about your business so feel free to get in touch.

You can find out more about Joel and the Deep Footprints digital marketing agency on their website.

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