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The secret to success is not definite. It’s not one single secret either. Our habits make us who we are and they are downright responsible for many things revolving in our lives. For decades, people used to scratch their heads over what makes some people astonishingly successful. They attached meanings to a number of things and adopted them as the core reasons – good looks and fortune being two! But as time progressed, those started getting considered as myths and not the definite reasons for success. The case is different for the latter and we have a plethora of examples to seek insights from. The lives of successful people stand as big examples.

It brings us to the question – what separates Mark Zuckerberg from us? Not wearing a grey tee and jeans to work every day. Why has not any footballer beaten Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi to the race of Ballon d’Or or World’s Best Player of the Year award since 2008?

Let’s dive in and scoop out what are successful people doing every day that’s responsible for where they stand today. It comes down to habits. It comes down to perspectives and it expands from there. Not topsy-turvy details or theories that would boggle your mind. But legit, practical and constructive ways which separate you and I from them! In other words, they do things differently.

Successful people read. They read every day even if they are working 14 hours daily

Books sharpen your mind. Great books change your life. Committing to reading every day is a habit that major successful people have adopted. Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Cuban, Barack Obama, etc. are all successful people who have built a whole different world around them. Their contributions are attributed to our lives and without a doubt, their success stands exemplary.

They are some of the busiest people on earth. Yet, they carve out time from their cutthroat schedules every day to read something. In fact, the wealthiest man on earth, Bill Gates commits to reading an hour prior to his bedtime daily.

Reading makes you knowledgeable. It constructs your mind with new information, skills, and perspectives which can astoundingly help you lead a better life.

Successful people move with the flow of the current

This means, recognizing the prevailing trend of the situation you are faced with in general life or business. Not taking a step back or going the other direction but tugging, digging and pushing through the situation. It’s all about processing things, making it work as much as possible. This golden advice is pitched by a certified Consultant & Lecturer in Management and Human Development, Moosa Banajah. The middle-eastern consultant and trainer has had experiences in administration, consultation and human resource which allowed him to analyze personalities and work out what practices stand out in making one successful.

Banajah cites his advice with a metaphor of a sailor and according to him, it is required that people should not resist the current trend. Do not contradict or resist what they are dealing with. It is needed to control the challenges one may face, keeping nerves cool because everything that stands firm, lasts. Reach out your goal by walking in the same direction as a captain of a sailing boat who controls the boat according to the direction of the wind. It may turn out to be the longest route but it is certainly better than sinking. Interesting perspective, isn’t it? The trainer has also authored a book called: “The Virus That Saddened You”.

Successful people do not wait around for inspiration

“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.” – E.B. White, author of Charlotte’s Web. Whatever job you have, whatever the task is at hand, procrastinating or delaying with the reason of not having adequate “inspiration” always backfires. All great writers never waited for inspiration. Not even George R. R. Martin is waiting for inspiration to complete The Winds of Winter; he’s probably taking his time in some other way. This one quote by E.B. White is religiously preached by experts and has huge importance. The author of Charlotte’s Web is known for this quote that is sought by artists and professionals in any discipline or field finding “a lack of inspiration” as an excuse to delay work.

Inspiration does not always arrive at your doorstep. It’s a muse that you form to manage the same level of excellence every day when you work.

Successful people quiet their minds to remain on top of their game

Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 70's was signing movie contracts and posing his biceps before a million cameras eager to click him. Looking at him, you would not even have the slightest of an idea that the bodybuilder and athlete was facing a problem such as anxiety. What did Schwarzenegger do?

Mindfulness. Everybody tells you about seeking meditation to quiet your brain when you are hit with mental problems or facing a writer’s block or simply need to declutter your brain of everyday problems. Not just Arnold Schwarzenegger but famous people like Arianna Huffington, Jeff Weiner, Marc Benioff, Oprah Winfrey and others practice daily meditation. They also add that the daily practice of meditation has helped them achieve massive success in career and life in general. Under crippling stress and nerve-wracking anxiety that is brought by life and career challenges, they could not find anything worthwhile than taking 10-15 minutes daily to quiet their minds. For most of these people, it is a habit that they do first thing in the morning before kick-starting their day and if it has worked for them, it would work for you!

The ingredients of success are certainly doing things a bit differently in life and exploring unconventional paths. It’s amazing how all of these habits are not rocket-science or time-consuming therapies but quick practices or a change of perspective that you have to slowly adapt to. It only narrows down to implementing the advice that you learn every day.

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