How to Be Healthier & More Alert as an Entrepreneur to Maintain Your Focus Throughout the Day


As an entrepreneur, you tend to have a longer day than when you were an employee. There’s just so much to get done that you often must remind yourself to go home. When under this type of pressure to succeed, every little bit helps to keep yourself healthy and alert to power through work tasks and finish on time. Work-life balance is important for founders because the overworking is chronic in this community and leads to worse results, not better ones. Here are a few tips on how to be healthier and to boost your work performance.

Exercise Early Morning

Pulling on your jogging outfit and slipping on your sneakers to go for a run is an energizing way to begin the day. The endorphin rush from exercising feels good and you signal to the body that you’re ready for the challenges ahead.

Exercise helps deal with bad cholesterol, improves joint health, and works out your cardiovascular system. Any excess weight is easier to shift on an empty stomach because your body is forced to burn fat stores – not food in the stomach – to supply energy through your exercise routine.

If you do not overeat after work or after the sun goes down, then a morning workout is best. However, if you have difficulty managing your diet, then an evening workout would help reduce cravings and burn off excess calories consumed during the day.


A high-quality supplement taken every morning provides all the vitamins and minerals needed. You may get some of them from your diet, but because you eat different foods every day it’s not guaranteed that you’re achieving the right balance.

For older founders, there are ‘over 50’ formulations and products, especially for women. Choose a quality vitamin brand and verify that it’s providing 100% of RDA for a wide array of vitamins and minerals to get full coverage for the price.

Brain Power

The subject of nootropics isn’t new, but it’s become popular lately. There are different formulations to assist you in thinking more clearly, maintaining intensity or enjoying better memory recall. There are few universal nootropic products on the market yet, so it often takes a little time to research to determine which dietary supplement will aid your thinking. The more bio-pathways that your nootropic regimen accesses, the better cognitive gains could happen.

Eat Nutritious Meals

Food, and to a lesser extent, drinks, is still the main driver of health, energy, and sustainability. For instance, eating brown rice or other complex carbohydrates and not simple carbs like sugar and white rice gives you several energy bursts that are longer lasting. Snacking on chocolate and skipping meals in favor of snacks on-the-go isn’t a sustainable meal plan for an entrepreneur who needs nutritious food to keep going.

There are plenty of food delivery companies that prepare and deliver healthy meals to eat at the office if you find yourself not eating right. The advent of the foodpreneur with commercial kitchen startups providing healthier choices to busy office workers is making it easier than ever to fuel your body right.

Taking care of yourself properly ensures that you have sufficient energy to get through the busiest of days. While it may seem like taking time out to exercise only costs you energy, your body will respond with the improved health and well-being, which sustains you when normally you would have started to flag mid-afternoon. If you fall off the health bandwagon, just get back on and start to enjoy the benefits again from today.

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