Is Advanced Education a Guarantee of Job Security and Higher Pay?


The recovering economy and increasing job demand for advanced degrees, among many other reasons, have brought people between the ages of 30 and 64 flocking back to college to further their education. From 2000 to 2010, enrollment for students age 25 and older was 8% higher than that of younger, traditional students, as noted by the National Center for Education Statistics. NCES projects a continued, steady increase in the adult college population over the next ten years.

With a great payoff in mind, most adults returning to college feel equipped to handle the financial strain from student loans and the juggling act between homework assignments and household responsibility. According to data compiled in a recent infographic published by Northeastern University, adults enrolled in advanced degree programs can expect to earn at least 35% more than those with bachelor’s degrees in the same fields. Furthermore, grads who opt for jobs in health care and social sciences can increase their earning potential by up to 69%. Here’s the complete look at the employment guarantees offered by advanced education in Northeastern’s infographic:

Source: Northeastern University

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