The New Boom in Home Tutoring and Why It Could Be a Good Job Decision


Throughout the United States there are at least half a million students being officially home schooled, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, NCES. In fact, those figures are outdated by several years which means that the number is significantly higher in the 2015–16 school year. This provides an excellent opportunity for teachers and student teachers to work in the field of home tutoring. Many parents are not well equipped to completely teach their children and so there is a growing need for tutors, especially in math, to work as ‘assistants’ to parents in need of a bit of extra support.

Why Choose Home Tutoring?

With a severe shortage of qualified teachers in many areas of the country, you may be wondering why anyone would want to go into home tutoring. Actually, there are a number of reasons why this is a good job opportunity. Some teachers have chosen not to work full time due to raising families of their own. Others don’t want to work in a classroom setting for the very same reason parents don’t want their children attending public schools.

Some teachers simply want to supplement their income because, let’s face it, teaching is not the highest paid profession based on the amount of education required. Still others prefer to work in a one-on-one setting to make a difference in the life of that student, to be an inspiration on a more personal level. Home tutoring provides a way to use the education you have received while making an income, as much or as little, at the times of your choosing.

Why Parents and Teachers Are Trending away from School Rooms

There was a time when parents would say that the reason they are pulling their children from schools and teaching them at home was to give them a better, more rounded education. Unfortunately, that reason now has a contender for the number one reason parents are pulling their kids from schools and that is violence. With figures growing by the day as to the number of students being pulled from the classroom to be educated at home, this appears to be a very real concern. Over time, violence in schools is rising and many parents don’t feel safe leaving their children where they may be subjected to gangs and violence that comes in many forms.

Teachers are also becoming seriously concerned over the lack of protection afforded themselves and their students in public schools around the nation. It isn’t always the students that give rise to this worry, but sick individuals with a vendetta for anything and everything under the sun. Few states allow armed teachers and security on school grounds, if any, so parents and teachers are feeling unprotected to say the least.

A Great Way to Get Your Feet Wet in Education

Although teachers need to go through a practicum, student teaching, within the last year of their college education, many feel like this is insufficient to place them in a classroom setting with 30+ kids who often need special help. By working as a home tutor for at least a year, they are better able to perfect their teaching skills while getting the confidence they need to tackle a room full of kids.

Also, some teachers want to go on to a Masters or Doctorate within their field of study. It just could be that these teachers don’t want to make a career out of teaching kindergarten through twelfth grade so they work part time, or even full time, as a home tutor while pursuing a graduate degree. It makes perfect sense when you consider the fact that some courses just aren’t available in the evening and during summer months when schools are not in session.

No matter what your reasons for wanting to pursue a job in home tutoring, this does provide an excellent opportunity to earn an income while teaching in the subject or subjects you’ve been trained to teach. You don’t need to work with large numbers of kids at the same time and you can set the hours you want to work. Work as much or as little as you want but still within your chosen profession. There is a new boom in home tutoring simply because of the ever-growing number of kids being home educated. Want to teach but not in a classroom? Home tutoring gives you just that chance.

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