While Rethinking College Admission Process, Consider Creativity


College is undoubtedly the most important phase of a person’s life. Right from the subject to the institution to every single detail, it’s all a conscious choice made by the student which would set the entire course of the student’s life. Unlike school, when it comes to college, every decision has an impact and undoing any mistake can cost a lot. But what is commonly seen is that the entire education system seems to be in a sort of rut and it’s time for both students and colleges to look at education differently.

Lack of creativity

Every year over 2500 colleges of the United States of America receive millions of applications from students from all over the world. Aspiring candidates send in their applications, enlisting their achievements and what they can bring to the institution. While a large number of applications are rejected, the select handful who get their coveted seats go on to represent the college, its education and its values. But the entire process seems to have become incredibly mechanical. There are only set criteria which are followed by students in presenting their applications, as well as by colleges to select these students and no one dares to go beyond these preset rules. This results in a rut where creativity and innovation are lost, only to be replaced by mechanical humdrum of rules. The education system has been churning a whole lot of smart and talented, but not free-thinking individuals, who have never learned to break free from the expectations and do something to make this world a better place.

Why choose creativity

We as a world, are suffering from a plethora of issues that plague our existence. From global warming to severe diseases, from crime and corruption to mental health, from sustainability to world hunger, we are not doing well. While school is meant to offer the basic compulsory literacy, college is not only supposed to offer an advanced education, it is also intended to help build sensitivity and sensibility. But instead, the entire college system has become a rat race where people are encouraged to run after grades and goals. Finer sensibilities are slowly being replaced by objective aims, which is making us desensitized and self-centered.

How can colleges change the system?

As the earth is slowly going towards its doom, it is high time that our education system encourages creativity and novelty. Colleges need to create a bunch of people who are not only smart, but also equipped to offer creative and effective solutions to the problems of this world. The current system of admissions is cold and objective. Students are compared on the basis on their grades and objective achievements only. Creative achievements and good deeds go unrecognized as they do not bring up the credit. College application process should include ample space for students to exhibit creativity, problem solving skills and compassion. It is true that creativity cannot be measured unlike grades, but it absolutely important to give it a place in the college admission criteria.

Applying to college is the by far the most important step which essentially is the beginning of a whole new chapter and the first day of the rest of a student’s life. Every single student is a representation of the college and what it stands for. Once they graduate and go their way, they are the true face and reputation of the college. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that colleges need to rethink the way they pick their future alumni.

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