5 B2B Solutions for Ultimate Growth and Success

BY: ON MONDAY, MAY 22, 2017

Every B2B company wants to increase revenue, develop and nurture good relationships with their customers and win a good portion of the market. The core goal of all strategies is to achieve a sustainable, profitable growth, and make efforts to maintain it. When it comes to business success, growth goes through marketing, and the best results happen when you use right tools. We’ve collected five of the B2B solutions that we believe could increase your successful business development.

#1. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a powerful all-in-one cloud-based software that helps businesses of any model grow while building a solid online reputation. The platform offers a bunch of useful features like Google keyword ranking, Page changes monitoring, Social media management, White Label and Marketing plan which are extremely important and useful for B2B companies. The features like White Label come within the pricing plan and you don’t need to purchase it separately.

White Label undoubtedly add a touch of elegance and professionalism to your service, as you can easily personalize your marketing offer with fully customizable reports featured with your logo, footer, header and the custom styling. You can also use the custom email template to send manually created or scheduled White Label reports to your clients.

Page changes monitoring is a must-have feature for marketing teams and agencies to always know what changes to your website took place. It scans any changes made to the key SEO elements: title, description, keywords; headlines H1-H2; content, the number of inbound and outbound links, robots.txt file; HTTP response status from the server (301, 404). Page changes monitoring tracks and analyzes the changes not only on your websites, but also website changes of your competitors. This provides a huge advantage to you in knowing what your competitors are changing in terms of positioning, new releases and so forth.

Another great feature for B2B companies is a well-detailed online Marketing plan that provides comprehensive strategies to all kinds of users from newbies to experienced gurus. This best-practice plan allows marketers to optimize their website in the best and most efficient manner.

The reports could be generated and delivered on schedule or manually. You can also set a customized access to your employees, colleagues and customers as well as provide a direct link with no credentials which is an easy and quick way to share data with the outside parties. The link can be deactivated at any time as well.

#2. CrazyEgg

CrazyEgg is a great heat map tool that shows how users are clicking on things, how far they are scrolling down your pages, what they are watching, where people are coming from and who clicks the most.

The tool helps you segment traffic and define if certain content elements or design are closely intertwined with one group than another. This approach gives you a significant feedback about your website without a bunch of A/B tests. It is simple to use and makes the difference to identify your own goals and categories in your business growth.

#3. Unbounce

Unbounce is good at building custom landing pages and converting visitors into potential clients. The tool makes the overall process much easier and tests landing pages thoroughly. Using a drag-and-drop interface, it is simple to set up and create pages and forms, even you are not an expert at HTML code. Thanks to a plenty of multiple templates and successively integrated A/B testing, Unbounce is one of the most powerful B2B solutions to turn your shoppers into buyers.

#4. Maptive

Maptive is a good tool for salesmen to build up beautiful, shareable and customized maps for a presentation or the web in a few seconds. The tool provides an easy way to obtain good data by uploading a sheet of addresses and view how they are laid out on a custom map. You can also find out where your products are selling out best, reveal the best places for an upcoming marketing tour and answer any question you have about the geography of your data.

#5. LeadzGen

LeadzGen is a powerful lead generation tool that is designed for salespeople to define leads hitting the website. Since increasing conversions is really important for your website, the tool helps to track website visitors, detect their contact information, turn them into qualified leads and maintain the sales pipeline. It is a good tool for small and medium companies and B2B business models.

Everyone wants to get business growth, that’s why it is significant to get right tools in your arsenal. These 5 above-mentioned tools are a good start when it comes down to improving your conversion rate, increasing your customer base and running your social media presence.

Have you used these tools? Do you know other tools for ultimate growth and success? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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