5 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement on Social

BY: ON MONDAY, JULY 02, 2018

If you are familiar with social media marketing, you know that it’s not easy to engage users. One major mistake marketers make when they promote their brand or company on social is believing that posting alone is enough. The truth is, that won’t get you anywhere. Remember that 86 percent of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. Managing social accounts means you have to strategize ways to ensure your audience is captivating and learn how to attract new people to your page too. This is extremely important, but it takes a lot of time and is a task that doesn’t come easy to many people.

Take a look at these five ways you can boost your engagement on Facebook, Twitter and other sites and ensure your pages are a destination your followers will love.

Post frequently

One rule to increasing customer engagement is to create and post high quality, relevant content. Identify what content excites and engages your audience. Many brands don’t understand how important it is to examine their competitors.

It’s also a good strategy to be a curator, not solely a creator. There is an abundance of content being posted to social sites, so there isn’t a reason to build your audience off of original content exclusively. Don’t reinvent the wheel – just find the trends that are grabbing people’s attention and run with them.

Be timely to stay relevant

Successful social accounts know they should piggyback off hot topics and events. They recognize that it is much easier to join a conversation that’s going on than to start a new one from scratch. If you want to create a successful business, it all boils down to being timely.

The pages that have high engagement are able to churn out content that resonates. Make every social post with the intention of it being relevant to a hot topic or other event in the news and you’ll reach that traffic.

Be shamelessly bold

You want your social pages to be noticed, so you have to make sure to stand out in a crowded space. Users often follow several pages and they all begin to blend together. As a small business and brand, it’s your duty to find the ways to differentiate yourself from what everyone else is doing. Even the smallest details will separate you from your competition.

Think about Betenemy.com, a site that was created by fans for fans, and sorts through all of the bookmakers and presents them to the audience. The intent is to make it easier for players who are placing online bets. The people behind this site were bold – they went out on a limb to create something new and different, and it paid off.

Connect with your audience

One way to connect with your audience is to spark an interesting conversation. This is more than just posting a picture and responding to the comments with rehearsed responses. If you want to engage others, you have to be engaging. Find ways to thank and reward your engaged followers. If you are struggling to find the time to make it happen, it’s worth it to hire help to do it for you.

Have a personality

Brand awareness is an important part of success, but if you’re boring it means nothing.

The most successful social media pages have a distinct personality. Your job is to develop a voice people want to hear. Think about what topics get people excited or riled up. Figure out controversial content and decide what you can do to spark a conversation. Always make sure you say things that people can relate to.

Finding ways to create customer engagement takes a lot of work. Use data and trial and error and over time, you’ll figure out how to resonate with your followers the most.

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