6 Tips to Boost the Appeal of Your Newsletters


Don’t underestimate the importance of your newsletter design; it has a major role in the success of your email campaign. If your newsletter is dull, you won’t wow your customers and they’ll skip by your emails. Do what you can to ensure your readers open your email – Campaign Monitor says that you’re six times more likely to obtain a click-through as a result of your email campaign than your tweet. This is why the creation of an attractive newsletter is so important to your business. Take a look at these six tips to boost the appeal of your company newsletters.

Seek inspiration

Consider subscribing to other companies’ newsletter in your industry for ideas and tips. It’s okay to need some inspiration – you can gain a lot of insight by seeing what works for other businesses within your niche. This inspiration can shape your ideas in a positive way. Use what you learn to develop ideas and put them together for future newsletters.

Create an outline

If you’ve already taken the steps to ensure your campaign is working with a verified list, that’s one step. Without email list verification, your campaign won’t have as high of a deliverability rate and you can’t sell your products or services to unknown users. An important part of the preparation process is making an outline. An outline will help you organize your thoughts and the information you want to share with customers. As you begin to design your newsletter, you can turn to the steps on your outline for guidance. Organize the content, get it in order, and make sure it flows for maximum readability.

Design the header

A header is a vital part of an attractive newsletter design. It’s located at the top of the newsletter and needs to include the name and logo of your company. The receivers often first look at the header, so make it a good one if you want your customers to recognize you. You worked hard to build a trustworthy website to boost your business. Now it’s time to use your newsletter to create a lasting impression.

Choose the right images

Selecting the right pictures as you design your newsletter is key; a few pictures will both pull in your reader and enhance the effectiveness of your message. Too many pictures can prevent them from reading your message. Make sure you have the right balance of text and pictures to design an attractive newsletter and gain your customers attention for the right reasons.

Create color harmony

Every good newsletter should have a color scheme. Keep in mind the importance of your company logo and its colors and use the same colors throughout your email newsletter. Choose colors that flow well with one another and use them as borders or font color. It’s good to realize that colors do have an effect on consumer behavior, so choose your color palette with care.

Ask for feedback

Use your newsletter as an opportunity to seek feedback. Different sets of eyes are helpful! After you complete the newsletter, ask for feedback from your team before you send it to your audience. There’s a chance you may have missed some details or didn’t write a section as clearly as it needs to be for your customers to take away what you’re intending. Use the constructive criticism to build a stronger newsletter.

As you create your email newsletter, remember that the goal of it is to build customer relationships and keep your business at the forefront of your customer’s minds. A well-executed newsletter can act as a powerful sales tool, building trust and boosting your bottom line. Make sure your newsletter looks good so your readers will click.

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