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BY: ON MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016

No company can afford to forget about marketing. Without an effective marketing program, your company will remain largely invisible to its customers. You don’t have to spend every waking moment devising new and innovative marketing strategies, but you do need to devote some time and effort to increasing brand visibility. So how do tech companies market their products?

Tech Conferences

IT conferences are a great place to forge relationships with new and existing customers. Large tech conferences are where the global tech community shares knowledge and draws on the experience of others in their field. You can network, see what your competitors are up to, and enhance your skills. Many tech conferences are expensive to attend, so pick and choose which event is best suited to your company’s niche. Pick one major event to attend and perhaps a couple of minor ones. In addition, if you have something to promote, book a booth for the event and start marketing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an easy way to establish your authority as a brand leader. People search online for information, so it is good for your business if you write the information they find. Make a point of writing content regularly. Blog posts, guest blogs, white papers and even video content all add value. You don’t even have to write about the company – anything that is relevant and well written will be perfect as long as it educates and informs.

Build Links with Relevant Websites

Links back to your website are important, so put a bit of effort into building links with other tech-related websites. High quality links boost your position in the search engine rankings, and the higher you rank the more traffic will come your way.

Social Media

Social media is useful for building relationships with customers online. Create a Facebook page for your business and use this to interact with clients. This is a more informal way of talking to people. You can use your Facebook or Twitter account to share interesting news or give people a heads up about a new product or service you are developing. Just be careful not to make it all about you, or your audience will soon get bored.

Email Marketing

Email marketing offers great return on investment. It costs very little to set up an email marketing campaign – all you need is an email database, which should be easy enough to build if you include an inquiry form on your website.

Be economical with your emails. Too many and you risk annoying potential customers; too few and they will forget all about the company. Try and strike the right balance with a carefully orchestrated campaign of interesting newsletters, relevant updates, and tips. If you use automated tools to send out emails, this really is an effortless way to drum up interest in your company.

Be prepared to try a number of different marketing strategies. Test each one and if it doesn’t work, move on to another strategy.

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