The Positive Relation Between Online Gaming and Social Media


According to Russell Potvin- the development of the Internet is speeding up every day. This rapid development in the eventually changes various aspects of human life. Human life is very complex, including education, trade, friendship, politics, entertainment, and so forth. One form of entertainment is gaming. The rapid development of the Internet gave rise to the phenomenon of online gaming. The habit of playing online games began to spread to various parts of the world since the Internet boom in the early 2000s. Online games are available in a variety of popular themes, such as adventure, puzzle, fighting, strategy, and even gambling (Find out more here).

In addition to online gaming, the rapid development of the Internet also gave rise to social networks. We certainly know a variety of social media that help us interact with others, such as Facebook (the most popular one), Twitter, Friendster, WeChat, and Instagram. The use of social media is something that should be present in the midst of modern human life today. We may not be able to imagine that we could not open our social media accounts for only single day. Now, we are very dependent on the presence of various social media.

Both the phenomenon of online gaming and social networks are closely related and support each other. Various social media have become a kind of communication among a lot of players of online games. We certainly have to know that now there are many Facebook groups were created to accommodate people who have the same hobby against certain types of online games, for example Facebook group for Nords, Facebook group for Sparta, and so forth. Online games like Nords: Heroes of the North, Sparta: War of Empires, Stormfall: Age of War, Pirates: Tides of Fortune are proved to be capable of attracting millions of fans from around the world and forcing them to use a variety of social media as a means to interact with one another. They use Facebook and Twitter for sharing tips and info how to win a game.

Online gaming has a variety of benefits, both positive and negative. Of course we already know the negative impact, namely addiction. Addiction is not a good thing and can be caused by many things, including online gaming. With discipline in controlling the time we play then we can prevent ourselves caught in a state of addiction. The positive benefits that can be provided by online gaming is the increased ability to analyze things, make decisions quickly, in collaboration with others, to adjust the strategy, and gave rise to a variety of creative ideas. Online gaming can train creativity, possessed by every player, even when they are not aware of it.

Mobile Online Gaming

Platforms used by online games are now directed to the mobile platform, along with the increasing use of smartphones in the world. The ability of an online game to be applied in the mobile platform is one of important prerequisites in the competitive world of modern games. Now, people need online games that can be played anywhere and anytime. The use of the PC as a mean of playing online games is more and more abandoned. Many manufacturers have developed mobile platform for every online game created, no exception for Plarium. Plarium is one of the popular developers of online games in the world that provides a lot of free online games for everyone. Just do a simple registration process and you can immediately play a wide range of games.

Online Gaming Technology

Advances in technology bring great influence on the world of online gaming. Now you can enjoy a variety of online games that offer the experience of playing in amazing 3D graphics. You will be late in the game as if you're playing in the real world, as 3D graphics make every detail look like the original.

Business Opportunities Associated with Online Gaming

Youtube is one of the social media that is very popular, allowing everyone to share videos with others. Today, many people are able to earn a lot of money from distributing tutorial videos of how to play online games correctly. This is a great opportunity for anyone, including you, associated with a fact that so many professional players who became rich by distributing gaming tutorial videos.

Now that we know that there is a positive relation between online gaming and social media, we have to be wise in using both of them. By using wisely and correctly, we can get entertainment as well as getting a lot of money.

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