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Considering of making a website for your restaurant? Don't know where to start from? Then, start from the basics. Firstly, you have to clearly understand the purpose of your website and the principles you're going to use to build it on. What your website should do first is to grab the attention of the customers, especially the ones that have not tried your food before. Secondly, it should encourage those customers to try that food right away. How to do this? There are a couple of tricks you can do to get more customers to come to your place. First, in order to make a stable core of your platform you have to find a restaurant app builder like Restaurant Hill. If a core of your site is weak and poorly made, you won't be able to attract visitors even by adding a wonderful content. So, first of all, take some time to pick a good platform to meet the requirements and the style of your restaurant. Once your platform is chosen, you'll have a chance to review the templates, there are plenty to choose from.
Planning is the key to everything, including website building. So, make a plan covering all the aspects you want to mention on your website. Don't start your work in a chaotic way. Point out the main things you would like to see on your page. And then check if they correspond to the things customers would expect to find there too. Always put yourself in your customer's shoes.

Here are a couple of things you should never forget about when building a site for your restaurant.

Template. Select a template, one that will present your eating place in the best way possible. Don't choose a template only by the style. Consider templates with several sections and a good logo header. If you don't have a logo for your restaurant, we recommend adding one. Nowadays a title only doesn't work so effectively as a logo.

Background. A good background picture is very important. It should be a real HD photo of your place. Free Internet images don't work for advertising some real public places. Customers want to see what they are going to get for their money.

Description. Don't neglect such important part as the description of your place. But don't write a novel of 10 pages either. Just a couple of sentences will do fine.

Photos. This part is extremely important. The first thing visitors are going to look for on your website is a gallery. So, upload high-quality photographs of your dishes. Hungry customers can't try your menu online, but they can decide whether it is appetizing enough for them or not. Learn to sell your food smartly.

Contact information. If a customer wants to make a reservation or visit your restaurant, he/she should be able to find a contact information in one-click. If not, they will leave the website. You should add an address, an email, a phone number, and a map.

Everybody knows that a good website is integral to a successful restaurant marketing strategy. We hope these tips will help you attract more clients to your web page and your restaurant as a result.

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