Top 5 Automation Tools You Need For Agile Marketing


Agile marketing has become extremely popular in recent years, largely because the traditional agile approach brings objective procedures to marketing, which is often a chaotic process.

Still, if your company is not automating its agile marketing strategy, it is not fully benefiting from this proven methodology.

Automating portions of your agile marketing approach will make it more efficient and eliminate unnecessary overhead. Before you begin your next marketing campaign, consider adding the following to your arsenal.

5 Tools for Adding Automation to Your Agile Marketing Approach

1. Bizible

If your company works in B2B, Bizible is a must for your agile marketing strategies. The platform specializes in pipeline marketing, which places a far greater focus on lead conversion than lead generation.

So instead of using scrums to focus on the top of your funnel, you use Bizible to leverage these assets where they promise the most returns: toward the bottom.

2. Workfront

Agile marketing requires effective project management. Workfront is a robust tool that allows you to create project workflows across different team to automate project management tasks, communication and reporting.

The platform gives you a high-level perspective of all your unique workflows through one central solution, so you can monitor every iteration of every sprint. Hundreds of agencies, marketing departments, and in-house creative teams across the globe depend on Workfront to support their campaigns.

3. Buffer

Buffer is one of the most popular social media tools on the market. More than 4 million people use it to schedule their posts beforehand, so they don’t risk forgetting to do so later.

From an agile marketing standpoint, Buffer is especially helpful because it provides instant analytics you can use for informing the iterative process used to create other posts.

4. Sniply

Sharing other publication’s links across your social channels is great for building trust with your audience, supplement your content production and getting on the radar of other influencers. The downside is this does little to drive traffic and conversions to your website. This has all changed with Sniply. With, any time someone clicks on a link you shared online they receive a custom CTA widget overlaid on the screen. It is not an intrusive pop-up ad, just a very simple reminder about your site, product, or service.

5. Klout

If your marketplace has become crowded, then recruiting the help of an influencer may be the only way to get above the crowd.

The first step in any influencer marketing campaign is to first look at who the authorities are in your marketplace.

This can be an arduous, time-consuming process, especially when you have different niches you need to consider.

Klout is great for this. It shows you who the influencers are in any given market based on an algorithm that tracks their success across social media channels with given topics. So not only can you figure out who would make a great influencer for your company, but you will have a great idea of what your market likes to talk about, too.

Combining Automation with Agility

Agile marketing is an extremely effective methodology, but you will quickly see even better results once you begin automating much of your current workflow. Best of all, each of the above tools provides the types of insights that feed ongoing agile marketing projects.

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