Why Analyzing Competitors is Important in SEO


With search engine optimization becoming an increasingly popular form of marketing and customer reach, it is becoming highly competitive. With competition comes marketing difficulties as it is a greater challenge to differentiate, find a competitive advantage and outperform competitors.

As Search Engine Optimization does involve direct competition for keywords and ultimately ranking on search engine results pages, understanding business rivals is crucial to achieving and maintaining performance.

All of the factors have an impact on your sites ranking and therefore having a detailed understanding of your own and others’ websites and their motives will aid in performance. An SEO expert will likely be able to help in this area with a good knowledge of the industry and the likely business rivals. A competitor analysis centers around their desire for specific keywords and the relevance of such words to your site.

What is a Competitor Analysis?

Essentially, it involves gaining a broad understanding of what businesses within the industry, and potentially those in similar industries, are targeting and how they are going about it. It is done on a business by business basis in order to best combat and/or manage rivals’ strategies.

Target market, relevant keywords, products or services offered and location are all important factors to note in the competitor analysis and relate strongly to the success of a search engine optimization campaign. In identifying these key factors of industry rivals it provides a good foundation to execute an effective SEO strategy.

Why is it so important?

Search Engine Optimization is all about improving a websites performance in regards to both user experience and search engine results ranking. The factors listed in the previous section all contribute strongly to this and are vital to competitor’s strategy.

As stated before, gaining a good understanding of industry rivals is the most effective way to combat their strategies and overcome them in order to ensure the best performance of your business. Because SEO is so competitive with keywords and ranking, having a detailed knowledge of those in the industry will enable you to target the most effective keywords.

A lack of understanding of business rivals can lead to unnecessary investment in areas that will not give your business a competitive advantage. Hiring professional SEO experts can be a great way to ensure that digital marketing operations are targeting the best areas and seeing a positive return on investment.

What are the benefits?

Being able to target the most effective and relevant keywords in a way that doesn’t break budget is going to be a great way to get an edge over rivals. As has been stressed throughout the article, a detailed knowledge of competitors will enable the business to effectively target the correct markets, using the most relevant keywords without going head to head with the competition all the time.

When a business is able to plan their marketing strategy in a structured way with knowledge of business rivals’ tactics, it is then able to more confidently execute it. Because search engine optimization is so competitive with keywords and is constantly changing due to changes in the Google algorithm and other businesses making regular changes, it is crucial to have a relative awareness of businesses within the industry.

Employing an SEO expert, who has experience within your industry and therefore knows the ins and outs of both competition and Google, will be realty beneficial in developing and executing an SEO strategy that aligns with the company values. They will have conducted adequate research and be able to apply this to effectively outperform industry rivals and achieve a desirable ranking within the search engine results pages.

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