Why Social Media Could Be Harming Small Businesses


Everyone talks about how important social media is to businesses, and how companies can use social media to connect with customers and entice them to make a purchase. But did you know that social media could actually be harming your small business instead? Keep reading to discover how to use social media the right way to promote your brand.

Making Posts at the Worst Times

Staying off social media can be a challenge when you've had one too many drinks, but businesses, such as JCPenney and the Red Cross, have sent seemingly drunk status updates and tweets that should never have been posted. It's a lot like using Snapchat on the road and getting into an accident. Doing so could do your business a lot of harm, but the more you do it, the worse the damage will be. Remember, there's a time and a place for social media updates, so make sure that you leave all of your business's social media accounts in the care of team members who are responsible and know what they're doing.

Failing to Pay Attention to Your Grammar

Everybody makes the occasional grammatical error when they quickly post a status on social media, but if your business's page is filled with errors, there are plenty of followers who won't be afraid to call you out on it. To maintain a professional appearance and credibility at all times, avoid writing out your statuses as though you're texting a friend using shorthand. Instead, find other ways to keep your posts within the appropriate word count.

Overdoing the Advertising

You might be thinking of your social media accounts as tools that you can use to advertise what you sell and what you do, but the truth is that you shouldn't be jamming advertising down your followers' throats by constantly talking about your business. Instead, to use social media successfully, you have to be more subtle. The goal is to engage with people by finding out how you can get your brand into a conversation that they'll want to discuss and share. Limiting your strictly promotional posts and focusing on sharing valuable and engaging content will help you achieve this goal.

Failing to Handle Customer Complaints Properly

Finally, when it comes to social media, your page will be open to questions and comments, and there could also be complaints posted to your page. The key is to know how to react to these complaints in a professional manner that proves you're taking the complaints seriously. Your stellar customer service needs to be applied to your social media page, as your presence on social media is one way that customers can get in touch with you. Respond within as short a period of time as possible, and always be willing to find out what the problem is and how you can resolve it to keep customers coming back.

If you follow the tips above, you can avoid using your social media accounts in all the wrong ways. Rather than harming your business, you want to use social media correctly so you can watch your profits grow.

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