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Have a product that you want to promote and sell? Having issues finding the proper customers and clientele? Well look no further. Let us introduce you to a guide on how to use Instagram to promote and sell your products with ease!

It’s a common practice these days. Almost every seller turns to social media to promote their product as it is an easy way to get in touch with a lot of people. The same can be said for the buyers, if they see an item they like on social media. they mostly end up buying it. As Instagram today has more than 300 million monthly users, it’s the best place to advertise and promote your product.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Setting up a Professional business account

First and foremost, you need an account to promote your product. Setting up an account on Instagram is child’s play and even a 10-year-old can do it but here’s where you need to be careful. The account should have nothing to do with your personal life and should solely be used for the promotion and advertisement of your product. It’ll leave a bad impression if you end up showing buyers your personal pictures and stories so stay away from that!

The next thing you should focus on is your account name and account picture. These two things leave a strong impression on the buyers so choose them wisely. Choose a professional and consistent name which is closely related to the product you are promoting. Same goes for the account picture. It should be something that perfectly portrays your product and attract followers.

Instagram gives the user an option to write a bio about themselves. This is what comes next for you. Find some catchy phrases and words related to your product which will impress the followers. You can add a link to your website in the bio, so be sure to do that at the end of your bio.

Make sure your profile doesn’t seem like you are forcibly trying to sell. Focus on the aesthetics. Keep it simple and elegant.

The content you need to share

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” — Destin Sparks

Instagram is all about pictures and photography, so the next thing we’ll be tackling is the type of pictures you should be adding to your business account. Most of the users on Instagram judge an account by the type of material i.e. pictures that the account holds. Adding professional and creative pictures of your product is one way to gather a large number of followers, leading to better promotion and purchasing of your product. Try to add colorful and vibrant pictures which can easily attract a large number of followers.

Some technical advice which you should keep in mind about Instagram is that it automatically alters with the resolution and makes your pictures square, which may result in the loss of some of the finer details you’ve added to the picture. Make sure to design your picture in such a way that it can be shown off completely after uploading to Instagram. Instagram also includes some built-in tools for editing your Images, use these wisely.

How to gain followers

Adding pictures to your account is one thing but getting people to actually reach and see these pictures is another. Let’s see how to gather up followers.

Hashtags is a good way to keep your posts on top and reach a lot of followers easily. Try adding hashtags which are closely related to your product. This will keep your posts close to others in the same category and will easily show up if someone searches for the specific category. Set a unique hashtag which the buyers can use when they purchase your product.

Another great way to rile up followers is to offer sales and promotions. Most people will definitely check out your product if it has a 50% off tag on it. If people end up buying your product and are totally satisfied with the purchase, you can encourage them to give you a review by adding a picture of the product in use. Share this picture on your profile and it will make it easier for other people to view and purchase your product.

Keep your customers happy

The next step after gathering followers is to keep these followers happy. A happy customer is a loyal customer. Let’s look at some stuff which will make the customers purchase again.

Captions is what you should focus on. Captions are like your bio but they are different for each picture you add to your business profile. If you can focus on the wording and write a unique caption, you’ll reach out to most of your followers and more views means a better chance of selling your product.

Another great way to keep your customers/followers happy is to arrange different contests and giveaways. Choose an item among your products and add eye catching pictures of that product. Encourage your followers to share the pictures as much as they can which will help in gathering up all your followers and will invite new followers as well. Choose a winner at the end and try to do another giveaway in the future.

Keep growing!

All these steps require a lot of time, patience and hard work but you’ll only continue to grow once you’ve set up your business profile and have gathered a decent number of followers.

An easy way to keep growing is being consistent, set a proper schedule for your profile and give it time regularly. Post consistently and keep your followers engaged. Work out the timing at which your followers are mostly active and try to be active at that time to get better responses. Find valuable customers and give them extra benefits to ensure their loyalty.

Keep a close eye on your media. For example, see if a certain type or trend is more popular among the followers. Give more time to products related to these trends as they will attract more followers. Set different points and measure your growth and success after each point.

Keep this up and your product will be famous in no time.

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