3 Reasons Your Business Needs Computerized Maintenance Management Software


Computerized maintenance management software or CMMS lets you track maintenance activities, maintenance schedules, and labor requirements. Here are three reasons your business needs computerized maintenance management software. We’ll spell out the benefits anyone will see by adopting a CMMS tool and rolling it out in all your facilities.

Save on Capital Costs

A computerized maintenance management software system lets you set up a maintenance calendar to ensure that your equipment is properly maintained. You won’t forget to change the oil or check the wear and tear on bearings on various production lines while the equipment experiences accelerated wear and tear. This will cause equipment to be repaired sooner and replaced ahead of schedule. You also won’t waste resources replacing filters and other components before it is necessary. You’ll be able to track a spare parts inventory through the CMMS tool and you won’t end up buying replacement parts until they are actually required because inventory is running low.

Another benefit of CMMS is giving you historical data and overall trends on repair rate for equipment so that you know which items you must repair before you experience another costly breakdown, instead of assuming all the items over a certain age need to be replaced.

Save on Labor Costs

Computerized maintenance management software systems can allow you to save on labor costs. By scheduling maintenance in the most efficient manner possible, you can minimize the number of hours people spend performing maintenance.

Top CMMS software solutions automatically generate reports identifying equipment being repaired more often than is expected, so you don’t have to wonder if line six is breaking down more often than necessary.

Another benefit is the automatic tracking of work orders in the CMMS system. Eliminating paperwork by moving to a computerized maintenance management system eliminates wasted time looking for paper records and managers authorizing purchases or work orders.

Save Time

Your team will often save time when you implement a CMMS system. By tracking maintenance and scheduling it in and around repair activities, you can ensure that the work is done without having to pay one hour more of overtime than necessary.

Employees able to access data in real time through a CMMS will be able to pull up the right maintenance procedures and checklists they need to do the work right the first time. They can find out what tools they need before they leave for the assignment, so they don’t make a trip back to the tool crib for a missing item while everyone else is left idle. If the equipment needs a replacement part you don’t have, the maintenance staff can order it from where they are standing so you can get it that much sooner.

Managers also benefit from the labor savings CMMS provides since it lets them pull up records immediately when faced with an audit or inspection.


A CMMS system is one of the best ways to save money on consumable supplies and labor costs, determine which equipment is in need of replacement and reduce the wear and tear on equipment due to delayed maintenance, extending its operating life. CMMS tools make both maintenance teams and their managers more productive by saving them significant time and eliminating wasted effort.

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