Easing the Backlog: How SysAid Software Wins Over the IT Help Desk


Managing any IT help desk is a struggle in today's technologically driven world. Software and hardware must complement each other, from bandwidth to memory reserves, for any productivity to occur in the office. Your IT manager may have tried every software package around today, but there's an alternative worth your time now that SysAid announced their ITSM help desk software. After putting it to good use for several weeks, there are more benefits than drawbacks to this helpful product. Take a look for yourself because it might make a huge difference in your help desk's success and efficacy.

Seeing the Entire Office on One Screen

A common complaint among IT professionals is lack of clarity when it comes to device management. They only see the problematic items on the screen. Virtual blinders are on their eyes. The SysAid software provides a diagram or chart of every asset. Each item may or may not be a problem at the moment.

You see every asset as a group divided out by users and locations. Customize your screen so that fewer assets are in view. Concentrate on one sector. Look at the entire office. IT professionals gain a better view of their issues at hand when they can see the big picture.

Improving Problem-Management Flow

A feature that's above and beyond most software packages is SysAid's problem-management approach. Help-desk software is commonly designed around incidents. The reports end up in a list format that's systematically solved by various technicians.

SysAid goes further with these incidents by categorizing them into problem records. A single problem might have several associated incidents attributed to it. By connecting these problems together through the software, a common issue might be discovered. IT professionals will come to the realization that their jobs are much easier when problems have logical solutions with evidence supporting this fact.

Easing the Discomfort of Changes

Nobody likes change, except for SysAid. This software is almost an intuitive look at the working world. There will always be hardware and software changes. Each company has varied devices with countless versions of software running at a given time.

Within the help-desk software is a change form. In simple terms, you can see which changes are coming up, possible downtime and estimated costs. Although it's impossible to have a perfectly seamless change, SysAid's software makes it as pain-free as possible.

Making Installations a Snap

Installing new software is never anyone's favorite task. Issues arise with almost every download. During this review, the installation turned out to be simple and full of options.

Choose SysAid On-Premise when you want to save the software onto your server. Many companies still rely on this type of download to keep their operations secure and in-house. Consider the more, mainstream choice of running the software off of the cloud. The SysAid Cloud or SaaS gives you access to every feature without taking up a lot of memory on your server. Both installation types ran without failure during our tests.

Tabbing Issues Possible

Finding a drawback to the SysAid program is tough, but some users see an issue with the tabbing feature. There are simply too many tabs at the top of the screen. As you dive further into your IT structure, the tabs grow with almost exponential power. This design feature makes the user interface a bit difficult to navigate at first.

On the upside, the tabs define where you are in the virtual structure. Solving problems by referring to the tabs at the top might help you with a problem that's plagued certain departments for weeks or months. The complexity or ease of the user interface is ultimately subjective so keep that fact in mind as you try the software.

Knowing Who and What is Connected

Your IT network is a delicately balanced system that can be problematic when unauthorized devices connect to it. SysAid's software gives the help desk a view of who and what is communicating with the network. From the moment that a laptop, smartphone or tablet connects to the system, there's a notification sent out. This high level of awareness reduces problems that are often associated with software glitches and hacking.

Feeling Secure About Customer Service

Even the help desk needs assistance at times. Although downloading the software and working with it is a breeze, you also have the option of contacting customer service. Don't consider this aspect as a drawback, however. SysAid has some of the best, service representatives around so that you can feel comfortable with every install and modification.

Gaining Connections Through Mobile Devices

Don't forget that your help desk isn't limited to just the physical office. Send your top professionals out into the field because they'll always be connected. Through a standard HTML5 browser, the professionals can see the entire help desk on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Fix an issue from miles away because the SysAid software is that powerful. There's no reason why a problem should sit idle until the help desk is full of workers once again.

Take advantage of SysAid's 30-day free trial period. It gives you a chance to really try each module in the software package. For the most part, the software organized and quantified our help desk's incidents into a manageable list. With a talented team at your office, the SysAid software will only improve their morale and productivity every day.

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