Top 5 Technology Trends Every Business Should Follow in 2017


How can I utilize technology to take my business to the next level? Many business owners may ponder this question and feel overwhelmed with the enormous amount of options there are today to engage with customers using technology.

The truth is that it’s not all that difficult - there are really five trends that every business should follow in 2017 to make the most of consumer interactions via technology.

Personalized Emails

Experian Marketing services found that personalized emails deliver 6 times higher transaction rates – yet 70 percent of companies don’t even take this simple, often-automated step. One-size-fits-all email marketing campaigns are a thing of the past. Personalized email campaigns make your customers feel like you actually know what they need. Email marketing platforms, like Campaign Monitor, give marketers the ability to personalize email messages from simple things like using recipients first and last name in the subject line of an email to integrating disparate business systems to personalize messages based on consumer behavior.

For example, an online store selling clothing can dynamically segment their customer list to send offers based on age, gender, geo-location and more. This means all females between ages 18-30 could receive an offer for a woman’s jumpsuit while all males 18-30 receive an offer for the latest jacket fashion.

Remote Workforce

Many employees were asked if more pay or more flexibility were most important to them in the workplace. Not surprising, the majority said flexibility was on the top of their list. 2017 is a great year to take advantage of the many perks a remote workforce brings to the employer. Hiring remote employees allows a company to reduce overhead by eliminating expenses of obtaining and maintaining office space. It also reduces cost with travel and commute for both employee and employer. There are multiple corporations that have already jumped on board and have found it to be a win-win situation.

CRM Integration

If your company isn’t already using a CRM, or customer relationship management tool, to manage and analyze customer interactions and data, then the time to invest is now. CRM integration facilitates both sales and marketing teams with their mutual goal of improving business relationships with customers. The capabilities of a CRM system are almost limitless. CRM tools can quickly compile information on consumers or gather findings from analytics with the simple click of a button. Furthermore, the information a CRM tool can gather, such as how the customer encountered the business is one of the best assets for a sales and marketing team.

Analytics can instantly tell you if more customers came into initial contact via telephone, website or social media. This data can inform all teams across an organization as to how and when to interact with current and prospective clients. A CRM tool isn’t just a digital address book that houses all the customers’ personal information in one centralized location anymore. It is one of the most important tools a company can take advantage of in 2017.


How does a company measure success? By constantly collecting and measuring analytics. Analytics aren’t just looking at revenue. Analytics can determine customer satisfaction through surveys and tell you exactly where people are pausing in the buying journey. The explosion of users on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms mean that companies have an opportunity to analyze the data these sites generate. Analytics are vital to a growing a business and should be included in a company’s business plan.

Cyber Security

With the world going almost completely digital has its perks for many companies. CRM tools and remote workforces are just a few. However, it can also leave a company as well as individuals to be vulnerable. Computer security or IT security is a vital way to protect you and your clients from theft or damage to expensive hardware. Not only can it be expensive but a hack can be detrimental to a company-client trust if there is a security breach disruption in service. The investment to obtain cyber security and continually have it maintained is essential for a business in 2017.

Integrating workforces with technology solutions are catalysts to growth this year. However, be sure that while your technology use grows, your cyber security protection expands as well.

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