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Although the state of Connecticut is the twenty-ninth most populous state with 3.4 million residents, it is also the third smallest state in the United States. It was named the "Constitution State" because it served as a model for the constitution. It is bordered by Massachusetts, Rhode Island, the Atlantic Ocean, and New York. The abbreviation for Connecticut is CT.

Connecticut has a reputation for creativity and production. This state is known for being the first to produce bicycles, friction matches, dyed silk, repeating pistols, rubber shoes, and vulcanized rubber. This state is also important because of the role it plays in electronic equipment, helicopters, propellers, spacecraft equipment, nuclear-powered submarines, and optical equipment. One of the most prestigious universities, Yale University, calls Connecticut its home. Yale University is the third oldest university in the country; founded in 1707. Visit our business directory for more information.

Tourists can enjoy the Mark Twain House & Musuem. School tours, group tours, and holiday tours are available. Lake Compounce is another attraction that is known for bringing in tourists. Lake Compounce is a family theme park that has roller coasters, water rides, and special events that everyone in the family will enjoy.

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