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When looking for a vacation spot, tourists flock to Maine. Its coastal view is saturated with low rolling mountains, relaxing sounds of waves crashing against a shoreline of jagged rocks, and lighthouses in the distance. Other amenities include beaches, fishing villages, and exquisite seafood cuisine such as lobster and clams.  Any business directory will be able to point out many of the local attractions.

Like several states of the nation, Maine was inhabited by the French. However, on March 20, 1820, it was made the 23rd state under the Missouri Compromise.

Maine is the easternmost state in the country. It is the only state bordered by one other state, and that is its western neighbor New Hampshire. Though it is composed of nearly 3,500 miles of shoreline, it is called the “Pine Tree State.”  The state’s land is comprised of ninety percent forest.

A lot of Maine's geographical makeup can be attributed to glaciers melting during the last Ice Age.  While winters are usually cold and snowy, Maine's climate is categorized as a humid continental one--marked by warm, humid summers.  Inhabitants are generally safe from hurricanes, and have to worry little about tropical storms.  Thunderstorms are few and far between as well.  Though Maine is a big tourist destination, visitors tend to visit during the warmer months because of the harsh winters that the state endures. One of Maine's popular tourist attractions is the Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor.

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