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One of the most prominent Western States, Montana, is a great spot for sight-seeing and tons of outdoor fun! Most of the Western side of Montana consists of a number of beautiful mountain ranges, including the Rocky Mountains. Numerous other mountains stand alone in the center of the state. Montana gets its name from the Spanish word "montaña" meaning simply, mountain. Montana has several state names all of which are fitting for its mountainous and fortune filled lands. The most common names are the "Treasure State," and a geographical nickname, "Land of Shining Mountains." The state of Montana comes in 44th for total population which makes it the third lowest in population density. The state keeps its economy going from the efforts of ranching, selling oil, mining for coal, a large lumber industry and its unique tourist natural attractions. Montana is visited nearly a million times a year by tourists looking to discover the Glacier National Park, Yellowstone and its amazing geysers. Montana may have a low population but its residents are friendly and hard-working people that keep the United States progressing like it is today.

If you're visiting Montana in the winter, be sure to bring lots of extra clothing so that you can layer yourself from some of the bitter colds the state undergoes. The summers, on the other hand, are quite cool and allow for a number of tourists the ability to see some of Montana's breathtaking sites. It's not nicknamed the "Last Best Place" for no reason! Here at you can find the great small businesses of Montana in our local business listings sections. See what Montana has to offer!

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