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The state of Nevada lies in the Western region of the US and is home to one of America's largest tourist destinations, Las Vegas. Even though the city of Las Vegas may be the most well known city in Nevada, the capital is Carson City. One of the most common nicknames for the state is Silver State, due to the high number of silver deposits which were found quickly after people started settling down and began mining the area. Nevada was not part of the union until 1864, in which it became the 36th state to join. The phrase that is written on the state flag, "Battle born," represents the joining of Nevada to the Union side during the Civil War. Mormon Station was the very first settlement that was founded after Nebraska joined the union.

In the western region, Nevada is the 7th largest state and amazingly covers not only the Mojave Desert but also the Great basin. Most people refer to the state as the most arid in the Union. Only 14% of the land in Nevada is not owned by the government. The other 86% of the state is used by the government for civilian and military purposes. More than three quarters of the population reside in Nevada's largest metropolitan areas of Reno and the exciting, Las Vegas. Nevada is most known for its simple marriage and divorce proceedings, exciting shows and theater and of course heavy gambling. Half of the counties offer legalized brothels which are still actively used by tourists from around the world. One of the most entertaining states also happens to be nicknamed the "Sagebrush State."

Nevada offers many mountain ranges including the largest of the southern part of the state, the Spring Mountain Range. This mountain range can be found not too far west of Las Vegas. Nevada is also home to some beautiful rivers like the Colorado river. With over 170 mountain summits, Nevada is a close second as the most mountainous state in the entire country!

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