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Pennsylvania's name came about when Admiral William Penn's son became the proprietor of the land. King Charles II of Great Britain granted the Admiral's son a charter proclaiming him the proprietor which he used to establish his Pennsylvanian Quaker Province in 1682. The colony followed its constitution, referred to as the Frame of Government of Pennsylvania, which made the death penalty more limited as well as other rights such as freedom of the press. The state of Pennsylvania was part of the original 13 colonies that first revolted against the rule of the British during the American Revolution. The historical city of Philadelphia was where events such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the drafting of the Constitution we abide by today. Pennsylvania was also the 2nd state of the union in the year 1787.

The state capital is Harrisburg but the state's best known cities are Pittsburgh with its industry and Philadelphia with its history. Since it was often referred to as the central location among the original colonies, it's nickname, the "Keystone State," became popular quickly. The bulk of Pennsylvania's economy today relies on its steel production as well as coal, tobacco, machinery and some fruits. Hershey city is also a worldwide tourist attraction, famous for its chocolate production and attractions. The state is also flooded with well known institutions of higher learning such as the oldest med school, the prestige University of Pennsylvania.

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